Everything You Must Know About Instant Pot & Pressure Cookers

instapot vs pressure cooker

You’ve probably spent hundreds of hours after cooking meals for yourself and your family, didn’t you? And I understand how much time-consuming this duty is. Often we’re late from work, and there’s simply no time for cooking specific meals that require a slow cooking process. And it would take forever if you’re still using ancient cookware. I guess you have applied pressure cookers previously and know how convenient and lifesaving this cookware becomes in emergencies.

Being involved in the responsibility of cooking meals, you may have also heard of Instant Pot. And believe me, it’s the best modern-day cookware that every kitchen must-have. I own one too, and I’m quite habituated using this for preparing meals. But don’t worry, if you’re still unaware of Instant Pot, or don’t know how to use.

In this guide, I’ll explain everything about Instant Pot and pressure cookers, starting from their prime functionalities, advantages, safety precautions, and how you can choose one for your kitchen. Stay focused, because this article is jam-packed with helpful information that will make you the MasterChef of your kitchen. So without further adieu, let’s jump straight into it.

Best Selling Models

  • Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Cooker
  • Best Selling Model
  • 10+ built-in safety features
  • Stainless Steel Inner Pot
  • Presto 23-Quart Pressure Cooker
  • Large capacity pressure cooker
  • Built with heavy-gauge aluminum
  • Deluxe pressure dial Gauge
  • Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Cooker
  • Pressure Cooker cum Air-Fryer
  • Automatic stay warm up to 12 hours
  • Fast Cooking

What exactly is an Instant Pot?

Let at first discuss Instant Pot. Unless you’ve tested one by yourself, you probably don’t have any idea how convenient this product is. Oh, did I just called it a ‘product’? Of course, it’s not. Many people possess this misconception that Instant Pot is a kitchen appliance. Instead, it’s a Canadian brand name that specializes in all-in-one cookware.

Their unique lineup of products has raised so much popularity, that consumers know these products by their brand names. It’s an absolute lifesaver in critical situations. And if this multi-purpose countertop cookware gets a spot in your kitchen, you’ll start relying more and more on this product, compared to other cooking appliances.

How does an Instant Pot Function?

instant pot safety features

You can define Instant Pot as the exact opposite of slow cookware. Similar to pressure cookers, it uses vapour pressure to prepare your favourite meal in minutes. But, an Instant Pot isn’t only an electrical version of regular pressure cookers. Instead, it boasts more functionalities that one would need in modern kitchens. The specific functions of an Instant Pot depend on the model you purchase, but there are some basic similarities that most Instant Pot models share.

Every model runs on electricity. Now that’s quite obvious considering human’s decreasing reliability on gas-ovens and ever-expanding usage of induction, microwave, and electric ovens. And that’s where an Instant Pot comes to play. The design and primary function resembles a pressure cooker and serves the exact purpose, if not more. It’s portable, runs on electricity, and delivers numerous cooking options, which I’ll discuss in the following paragraph.

Instant Pot advantages over Pressure Cooker

It’s a regular pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, warmer, saute/browning cookware, yoghurt maker, and whatnot. Like any other electrical cookware, you can adjust the heat, adjust the pressure, and choose specific presets for different cooking methods. And it’s not over yet. Many other models also feature additional cooking options like cake-maker, egg-maker, and sterilizer.

If your Instant Pot is wide enough, you can directly insert additional attachments like molds, and aluminum foils. You can also purchase stacked pans that allow you to cook different items at once. For preparing recipes like Fajitas, now you don’t need to cook the meat and veggies separately. Timer settings and cooking preset are other vital functionalities that save time, as well as electricity. And do I need to say that you can discover tons of delicious Instant Pot recipes online?

Safety Features of Instant Pot

News stories on pressure cooker explosion aren’t new these days. But I won’t say that Instant Pot is entirely safe either. Because the safety precautions ultimately depend on the end-user. However, it’s not that kind of appliance that your grandmother used to cook during the 1980s.

Modern innovations have allowed the installation of safety switches and temperature sensors. The appliance will immediately shut down if overheating & smoke is detected. Or won’t start at all, if the lid isn’t appropriately locked. And thus, you can be reliable on this product safely, but not carelessly.

You want the best Instant Pot in the market, right?

After doing in-depth research and considering multiple factors like Safety features, material, sensors, accessories and easiness of cooking we have sorted one instant pot model for you. You can read a complete review of Instant Pot Duo-60 also on our blog.

No matter what your family member count is, we have got dozens of Instant Pot solutions for everyone. The decision-making is simple. Ensure what you need and ignore what you don’t. It starts with the cauldron size, that truly depends on your family member count. Before you go out and purchase an Instant Pot, do some research-work, measure the volume of your existing cooker cauldron and choose accordingly.

The next consideration is functionalities. You may find some gimmicky features, but that doesn’t serve anything except a waste of money. Ensure that your model boasts necessary features like timer settings, cooking presets, manual pressure & temperature control, and of course, safety switches. I would also suggest choosing from reputed brands like ‘Instant Pot’ itself or other leading options.

Being an electrical appliance, there’s always a substantial risk of component failure. Thus make sure that your chosen product features at least two years of brand warranty. This will help repairs and replacements easy and convenient. If you ensure all these considerations, I pretty much guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Upgrading your old cookware to Instant Pot makes tons of sense, and you’ll realize immediately after you start using this exceptional product.

What is a Pressure Cooker?

pressure cooker features

You may wonder why I’m dedicating an entire section to Pressure Cookers only. Like, they have been present ever since centuries, every kitchen owns one, and there’s nothing much new to learn. Let me change your point of view. Technology has also allowed significant improvements in pressure cookers. Modern ones aren’t the same as you saw in your childhood. Continue reading, and you’ll be amazed to know so much about pressure cookers, that you didn’t already.

How does Pressure Cooker work?

This part doesn’t require elaboration because pressure cookers are simple. On the surface, pressure cookers are airtight cauldrons that accumulate steam inside to cook your food. It’s quick, efficient, highly reliable, and becomes a lifesaver in emergencies. Modern-day models are equipped with loads of cool features that make cooking way more simplified, efficient, and of course, safe.

It naturally lets you know when cooking is done, or how much it’s done. The whistling sound feels classic and nostalgic, isn’t it? In some models, you can also effectively adjust the pressure settings for different cooking methods. And everything is backed up by safety valves that release the pressure to avoid hazardous explosions. Minor tweaks are always welcomed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

If you recall old models of pressure cookers, you may notice unibody construction using only one metal like aluminum or steel alloy. Nowadays, many materials are fused to achieve maximum efficiency without sacrificing safety. The base is molded from copper that ensures maximum heat conductivity, whereas the body is insulated with thermosetting plastic, for you to hold comfortably.

Why is Pressure Cooker reliable cookware?

You understand that preparing meals like beef and meat takes forever, due to their densely packed muscle fibers. All thanks to pressure cookers, it now takes not more than 15 minutes. The steam also helps in moistening the food, which is perfect for veggies and plant proteins. And being fast and efficient, it also saves some cash on your electricity/gas bills.

Using one is relatively simple.

  • Pour your food along with some water,
  • ensure the lid is appropriately locked,
  • adjust the pressure valve, and fire up your oven.

But understanding the principles (cooking time, pressure options for different foods, and pressure adjustment) of pressure cookers may take some time.

But are you getting to use pressure cookers for the first time? Don’t worry, because learning is simpler than you think. Try using your pressure cooker with water only — pour 2-3 cups of water and secure the lid. Now, set your oven to a preset where the cooking duration is relatively less. By this, you’ll understand everything about your model, and now you’re probably ready with real food items to prepare.

Safety Precautions while using a Pressure Cooker

Like I mentioned earlier, the safety precautions ultimately depend on the end-user. To make sure that your kitchen wall doesn’t get painted with potatoes, follow the safety guidelines carefully. Special attention to the lid gasket, safety valve, and what’s cooking inside. With these precautions, you can safely prepare delicious meals without explosion hazards.

As a cherry on top, you’re backed up with the safety valve that automatically and safely releases the steam during extreme pressure buildups. Moreover, the handlebars are insulated with durable polycarbonate materials to deliver you a nice touch without burning your hands.

Which Pressure Cooker is the best in the market?

Now back to pressure cooker buying guides. And let’s not discuss cauldron sizes, because that ultimately depends on your family member count. Apart from that, there are more crucial considerations that one must ensure—starting with max pressure withstanding capacity. Most cooking recipes nowadays ask for 15 PSI of pressure. So, make sure that your model can withstand up to 20 PSI.

Repairing and replacements can become a real pain in the back. And there’s always the risk of component failures too. Therefore, it’s safe to purchase from reputed brands. Most of them deliver brand warranty for up to two years and also stocks necessary spare-parts for convenient repairs.

Some manufacturers also implement copper base construction to allow sufficient heat conductivity. But don’t forget to notice the stainless-steel composition. The perfect ones are graded as ’18/10′. This indicates the balance of 18% Chromium and 10% Nickel, which is the gold-standard for any cookware.

Many recipes require additional accessories like steamer basket and racks. Therefore, you’ll save some money if your model comes pre-bundled with few attachments. Apart from these, other considerations include durable handlebars, anodized coating for rust resistance, and internal non-stick coating.

Wrapping up!

I guess that much knowledge is enough for making yourself the MasterChef of your kitchen. I’ve briefly described what Instant Pot & Pressure Cookers are, how convenient are they, how do they function, safety precautions, and, most importantly, their buying guides. If you strictly follow our guidelines, I assure you that you’ll find your perfect kitchen companion.

Now all is left is to open your recipe book, and prepare some delicious dishes with your Instant Pot & pressure cooker. And don’t forget to thank us for this fantastic and informative guide. See you soon.

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