Top 10 Best Whistling Tea Kettle of 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Expert’s Reviews

Addicted to tea, right? Now imagine starting your day, or relaxing in the evening without a hot and refreshing cup of tea. It’s hard, and even I can’t spend my day without having at least four cups. Whether it’s soothing Darjeeling tea or healthy green tea, there’s always a variety of natural benefits. And tea lovers do know that.

Now let me ask you a question. What is the thing that’s essential for preparing a hot cup of tea? It’s tea leaves, sugar, and water, obviously, but what else? You guessed it correctly. It’s a tea kettle. And what can be more classy than a traditional whistling tea kettle? The whistling sound, the steam, and the essence, everything is refreshing.

This guide contains every information that you must know before buying a whistling tea kettle. Also, there are quick roundups through ten such products from Amazon, that we’ve chosen after immense research-work and analysis. I’ve described each product in-depth and written by unbiased thoughts, pros, and cons for each of them.

Personally, it reminds me of my childhood days when my mother used to prepare tea in whistling kettles, and I used to have a keen eye towards the exciting whistle. Now you might be thinking, what’s modern about whistling tea kettles? Electric ones are surely more convenient, right? Let me explain that in the following paragraph.

Why get a Whistling kettle, instead of Electric ones?


best whistling tea kettle

Yes, electric kettles are convenient, but for most people, they aren’t quite classic and ancient like the rural whistling kettles. They are simple, easy-to-use, and nearly indestructible. And above all, with their whistle sounds, they let you know when the water is ready, and you can put sugar and tea bags. Particularly that whistling sound differentiates these types of kettles from modern electric ones.

Now, these are personal preferences that may vary from person to person. Let’s look at some logical reasons. First of all, whistling kettles are surprisingly cheap. Second, they can last more than your age. Thirdly, being made of stainless steel and aluminum, they are quite easy to clean. And finally, they are nearly indestructible being made of heavy-duty metal that can withstand severe smashes and drops.

I guess I don’t need to explain the same for electric tea kettles. Traditional whistling kettles are classic, and that’s why they are gradually returning to our daily schedule. I mean literally. Manufacturers have started to redesign this ancient cookware and coming up with quite exciting products that are worth your money. For being affordable, stovetop whistling kettles have seen significant sale spikes recently.

That’s why I’ve enlisted ten such products, which are an absolute deal for the money. If you wish to purchase a whistling tea kettle, you can choose from the following list. But before that, let’s discuss some crucial considerations that must be checked before buying any whistling tea kettle.

What must you check before buying whistling tea kettle?

  1. How fast does it boil water?

Perhaps this is the most crucial considerations to make. Faster boiling speed means better efficiency, and that translates to lower gas consumption on your oven.

  1. Do the handle, and other holding areas stay cool?

The handlebars and other holding parts must be covered with heat-resistant thermosetting plastic. Otherwise, you know what may happen.

  1. Is the whistle loud enough for you to hear from the other room?

Cheap whistling kettles don’t sound great. They are weak and inaudible. Thus make sure to choose the product from the house of a reputed manufacturer.

  1. Does the whistling tea kettle rust?

Rusting is another signage for cheap products. Premium anodized kettles, however, will withstand thousands of hours of heating, before any evidence of corrosion.

  1. How much water can the kettle hold?

Depending on the amount of water you need to boil each time, I’ll leave this decision up to you. My suggestion is always for higher capacity ones, though. Also, make sure that the lid is wide enough to pour water, sugar, and tea bags effortlessly.

  1. What’s the build material?

There are primarily three metals to build any whistling kettles; aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. Aluminum offers a lightweight experience at an affordable price. However, the finished product may not seem premium and may degrade soon.

On the other hand, copper delivers exceptional efficiency being the best conductor of heat. This can save you some bucks on your gas bills too. But copper may leave nasty odors, and it’s not good at an affordability standpoint either.

The perfect blend, however, is stainless steel. This provides excellent heat conductivity as well as robust build quality. It’s also affordable than aluminum and copper. Thus, choosing stainless-steel will keep you in the safe zone.

Best Whistling Tea Kettles - Our Top Picks For 2020

Now it’s time to declare our winners. These products have hit millions of customers worldwide, and these are also honored as ‘Amazon’s Choice’ and ‘Best Seller’ from the world’s leading online marketplace. Each one of them is affordable, durable, and comes with literally every ‘bells & whistle.’ Choosing any one product from the following list won’t disappoint you. So without further adieu, let’s explore them all.

  • KitchenAid 2.0-Quart Kettle
  • Trusted Brand
  • C Handle with Comfortable Grip
  • Removable Lid
  • Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle
  • Latest Thermal Protection technology
  • Push Button Mechanism
  • IRON layer between 2 ALUMINUM layers wrapped inside
  • SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • 3 layers encapsulated base for faster heating
  • 100% Teflon and BPA-free

KitchenAid 2.0 Quart Kettle

There’s a different kind of comfort when you use this product, and that’s why this fantastic product from KitchenAid has secured the topmost rank in our list. Molded out of stainless steel and coated with vibrant porcelain, this whistling kettle feels premium and robust. The chromium plating on the lids and thumb-press spout doesn’t allow rust, and the polycarbonate C handle ensures you can hold the kettle quite comfortably.



Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle

Not many whistling kettles bundle safety infusers in the package. But this one does. Coming at an incredible $40 price tag, the product features a stainless-steel construction with the aluminum interior. This ensures the least heating time and longer heat preservation for up to two hours. The flat base allows maximum heat conductivity on gas ovens and provides excellent surface contact for induction ovens as well. The pushbutton rests on the handlebar and thus, you won’t burn your hands.



Suateas Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle

You won’t get such premium build and looks in the $40 price segment. The build feels ceramic, but it’s actually stainless steel with a copper base. The 2.64-quart kettle is large enough to feed a dozen cups. Moreover, the product bundles two years of brand warranty. The handlebar, the whistle, and the thumb-press spout are anodized with gold finish. So, if you’re looking for pleasing looks at an affordable price, you should definitely consider this product.



Willow & Everett Stovetop Whistling Tea Pot

Coming for just $38, this whistling kettle also honored as an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ product. And that too for a reason. The pot features a broad base with a maxed-out surface area. This not only increases the heating efficiency but also holds 2.75 quarts of water. Unlike other products, the base is constructed with five layers of heavy-duty metals, including aluminum, copper, and iron. The innovative lid doesn’t allow the water to spill, even if the water level is maxed out.



Creative Home Alexa Whistling Tea Kettle

The body is constructed with high-quality gauge stainless-steel and polished with anodized chromium. The copper capsulated base provides excellent heat conductivity and also retains heat for longer. To match the aesthetics of your kitchen, the whistling kettle offers seven colors to choose from. The convenient trigger mechanism on the handlebar allows easy and safe pouring without any spillage.



Cafe Brew Collection Stovetop Whistling Kettle

Forget about unibody metal construction and stainless-steel build, because this product is absolutely different. Unlike others, it’s made from glass, and really lots of glass. So, I hope you’ll be careful while handling this whistling kettle. Speaking of whistles, even being made of glass, you aren’t losing any bells and whistles except for one. Being glass, you can’t put it on an induction oven. Yes, that’s the only bummer. But apart from that, this whistling kettle is unique and comes for just $16.



Sotya 3.0 Quart Induction Teapot

Now let’s come back to usual designs. This product from Sotya features a unibody metal construction with an attractive anodized coating on top. With its stainless-steel base, this whistling kettle is optimized for induction ovens. Unlike the usual symmetrical design, the handlebar on this kettle is slightly off-centered. This doesn’t obstruct feeding, and I don’t know why no other brand thought this before. This kettle is available with four color options, but the vintage red looks stunning.



Reston Lloyd Harmonic Hum Alert Whistling Tea Kettle

Yes, the name is big, and so it’s offerings. The unique ceramic design is engraved with an impressive and vintage Japanese art. By spending just $28, you’re getting a 2-quart whistling kettle that can easily serve eight cups. The flat stainless-steel base is suitable for most stovetops and induction ovens. The vibrant ceramic look is brought with an insulating coating of enamel, that also retains heat. Moreover, this kettle is also chosen as an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ product, so there’s no denial in buying.



Supreme Housewares Rooster Whistling Kettle

Let’s escape those familiar designs and explore something new. This whistling kettle from Supreme Housewares features a rooster themed design that’s quite attractive. On the construction side, this kettle is also built from stainless steel with anodized enamel coating. You may need to sacrifice water capacity at just 1.6 quarts, but if you spend only $42, you can bring a different vibe to your morning routine.



Cuisinart Stovetop Tea Kettle

The last product on our list costs only $25 but features the exact functionalities like the rest. Instead, if you prefer minimalism and modern design, this whistling kettle is the absolute choice for you. Weighing at around two pounds, it’s quite lightweight due to aluminum build with matte chromium finish. The non-reactive interior is corrosion proof, that doesn’t affect the liquor inside.



Final Thought!

It’s time for the conclusion part then. All the above-mentioned whistling kettles are excellent choices for everyday use in your kitchen. However, our most preferred choice is the first one, because it balances perfectly between affordability and functionalities. But if you guessed anything else as better, it will work just as fine. Once you’ve picked your favorite product, you can surely make any time tea-time.

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