7 Best Toilet Safety Rails and Frames for Elders and Handicapped Person

Seniors who are having issues with mobility impairment, especially in walking need to use toilet safety rails. It is also crucial in order to ensure their safety. I know You agree with me, if YES then this information will help you to make your senior/elderly more comfortable.

If you are looking for the Best Toilet Safety Frames and Rails, then you have landed at the right place. Toilet safety rails or frames is essential if you any have an elder or handicapped member in your family,  or if a person suffering from a disease like arthritis, joint pains, which make it very painful and impossible to get up without any support.

Best toilet rails help the elderly to stand up and walk quickly and to do day to day activities. Toilet frames are installed around the commode to make it easy for the patient to stand up from the commode seat. If you have someone ill or elderly at your home who feels challenging to walk and stand, then Best Toilet Safety Frames and Rails are the most crucial thing you must have to avoid any accident in the future.

What are Toilet Rails?

Toilet Safety Rails

Toilet rails are the supporters that are installed around the commode to act as a support while sitting down or getting up from the toilet seat. It helps to transfer a person from the wheelchair to the toilet seat. Toilet rails can be attached, portable, in different designs and with many more functions. It’s one of the most Essential Furniture of house who have elderly people.

Toilet Rail Types

There are many types of Toilet rails with different designs and functions as follows. So, choose the one which will fit in your expectations.

Legless Toilet Rails: This toilet rail surrounds the commode. The installation of this toilet rail is straightforward and quick. They are attached to the commode  and do not continue till the floor

Toilet Riser with handles: If you wish to improve the strength and increase the height of your seat to make it easy to get up and sit, then toilet frames with handles is a good option. You can raise the height of the place from 2 to 4 inches, and you get the handle as well to bear the pressure. It is one of the Best Handicap Toilet Rails.

Attach Toilet Rails with extended legs to the floor: To give more accuracy and support, these toilet rails are attached to the commode, but its legs continue to the floor with full rails

Freestanding Toilet Rails: These are portable, foldable, and travel-friendly rails you can carry anywhere while traveling. Its Best Toilet Safety Rails For Elders as they can use it for another purpose as well.

Wall to Floor Grab Bars: These are one of the most commonly used Toilet Assist Bars, they are L shaped and continues to floor from the wall at 90 degrees. You can also install on both sides on the commode

Things To Take Into Consideration While Choosing The Toilet Rail

If you are buying a Toilet rail for your loved one, then that will be the best decision as there can be many incidents when your elders or patient can fall due to slip in the Toilet. It makes them independent. Here are a few things you should remember while buying the toilet rail:

Width Of the Rails: Make sure that the width of the frames or space between the brackets of rail is enough to fit around your commode.

The shape of your Commode bowl: Your commode can be round or elongated or new trendy one so make sure the form of the bowl and the rail fits together.

Height of rail: If the toilet rail height is adjustable then it’s well and good if not then buy the one with comfortable standard height which is convenient to access is essential.

Weight Capacity: Confirm that the rail is strong enough to bear the weight you require.

This may sound confusing to you to find the Best Toilet Rail with all the features, but do not worry. You don’t need to scroll the huge list of rails or frames, we do the messy work for you. Here is the list of BestRated Toilet Safety Rails to ensure you get the best:

Best Toilet Safety Rails And Frames

  • Drive Medical Toilet Safety Rail
  • Feature of Freestanding around toilet
  • Pre-installed Padded armrests
  • 300 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Medline Toilet Safety Rails
  • Adjustable and Rotateble Handles
  • Fits in all standard sized toilets
  • Strong Aluminum frame
  • RMS Royal Toilet Safety Frame
  • Folding and Portable
  • Soft and comfort grip
  • 300 LBS Weigh Capacity

Drive Medical Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail

Here is the toilet rail by Drive medical to make it easy for the people who experience difficulty in sitting and getting up from the toilet seat, just like ordinary people. There are stunning features like padded armrests to prevent slip and magazine rack for you to keep your newspaper or magazine when you are in the Toilet.

The weight capacity of the Rails is 300lbs. Freestanding around toilet rail is easy to use and has tool-free assembly. Width between the arms 21″, arm height is 25.2″ for the convenience of the patient

Why We Liked It

  • This model is one of the Best Seller in Toilet Safety Rails
  • This model consists of Freestanding around the toilet to fit both standard and elongated seat toilets
  • Assembling of the Rail is very easy and comfortable for elderly/seniors citizen
  • Specifications – Width Between Arms: 21″; Arm Height: 25.5″; Weight Capacity: 300 lbs



  • Weight capacity is 300lbs
  • Extra magazine rack
  • Padded armrests
  • Easy and tool-free assembly
  • Affordable
  • Not for very small toilets

Medline Toilet Safety Rails

Medline brings you the toilet frame made of robust anodized aluminum tubing. It has rubber-tipped legs to avoid any slip and textured armrest for comfort . This rail supports 250 lbs of weight. It is securely installed between the Toilet and seat with an 18” – 24” adjustable armrest width. Installation is easy and tool-free. The height of the legs is adjustable from 26” – 31” inches. Armrest width can be adjusted to 8” to 24.”

Why We Liked It

  • You can rotate and adjust the Handles according to your comfort.
  • You can also adjust in height from 26 to 31 inches to accommodate standard or elevated toilet seats
  • Specification – Armrest Width adjustment: 8″ – 24″ | Overall depth: arm 16.75″, at leg 12″ | weight capacity: 300lbs



  • Adjustable handles
  • Armrest with secure grip for comfort
  • Aluminum frame mounts strongly on the bowl of the commode; brackets can be adjusted from 18'' to 24.''
  • Safe and reliable
  • Not for full weight-bearing, bears only 250lbs weight

Vive Standalone Toilet Rail

Vive presents you with rail with 300 pounds of weight-bearing capacity. Easy to install and tool-free assembly, handles of the rail can be easily removed, this rail is light in weight and durable as it is corrosion-resistant. The handles are padded with soft foam for comfortable and slip-free use. You can easily clean the handles with any disinfectant. This rail can be perfect for small bathrooms as well, with 26.5” width. One of the Best Toilet Seat Safety Rails.

Why We Liked It

  • The Handles of the Rails are not slippers. That’s why the grip is very good and elderly can easily sit properly
  • In this model, the rail base is a wide 26.5”, and can easily fit in smaller bathrooms.
  • The bottom rails are 19” deep, adding tip-proof stability to the frame.
  • The foam padding is very good.
  • The most amazing thing is the company provides an Unconditional lifetime guarantee.



  • Supports 300 pounds eight
  • Easy to install
  • Nonslippery and risk-free handles
  • Vive Lifetime Guarantee
  • Magazine holder
  • It's expensive

Vaunn Medical Bathroom Toilet Rail

Vaunn is one of the best brands with the best quality assurance. Vaunn brings you the toilet rail with adjustable frames from 24” to 29.5” in height. The rail is robust with durable steel and high strength that supports 300lbps weight with the secure grab bars to prevent slip. It’s easy to assemble and works best with round or elongated commodes. It is portable and easy to install without any tools. The magazine rack is included to help you keep your magazines or newspaper while in the Toilet.

Why We Liked It

  • This rails metal steel frame supports up to 300lbs weight person
  • This toilet safety rail has an anti-slip rubber tip to prevent toilet frame from sliding
  • It doesn’t require any additional attachment
  • You can adjust the height between 24” – 29”



  • Bears 300 lbs weight
  • Adjustable height
  • Magazine rack
  • Anti-slip grab bars
  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Grab bar attaches directly to the top of Toilet

RMS Toilet Safety Frame and Rail

RMS brings you the toilet rail with safe and secure features like non-slip and soft handles made of foam. These toilet rails are foldable and easy to store and portable so that you can carry it while traveling as well. You can fold it and keep it aside if not using it. The footrest is the new unique feature for added safety. No need to assemble, 23” width between the arms, adjustable height from 28” to 36”, bears weight up to 300lbs, etc. are some of its cool aspects.

Why We Liked It

  • This safety rails model Fits around your toilet seat with a back bar in front of the toilet tank
  • Durable foam is used in the armrest to get a good grip
  • You can adjust the height between adjustable 28” to 36” inches and carry 300lb weight capacity



  • Food rest for safety
  • No slippy and soft handlebars
  • Adjustable height
  • Foldable and portable, best for traveling
  • RMS limited lifetime warranty
  • The magazine rack is missing
  • Expensive

Vaunn Medical Bed Rail

If getting up from the bed is a challenge for you, then Vaunn medical brings you the best product with features like a secure grip, slip-resistant handle. It fits in all sizes of beds like twin, queen, full, and king size.

Why We Like it

  • It’s a Bed Rail assist
  • Very comfortable and non-slippery handles



  • Secure grip for seniors or physically challenged
  • Slip-resistant handle
  • Handle with foam padding, horizontal stabilizer bars
  • Fits all bed sizes
  • Floor standing legs
  • Easy to install
  • QuiteExpensive

Carex Toilet Safety Rails

Carex presents you with the toilet rail with quick and easy assembly. You can adjust the height of the legs by pushing the brass push buttons and then lock it. It bears 300lbs of weight. You can use it in the Toilet or sink or any other place. The capped feet ensures a slip-free and secure mark-free grip. Height is adjustable from 27” to 33”. Width between the arms is 17” for round and 18.25” for an elongated bowl of commode.

Why We Like it

  • The rail is very easy to assemble
  • Like other rails, the handlebars have a good grip and the height is adjustable.



  • Adjustable height
  • Handicap Grab Bars
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bears 300lbs weight
  • Bars across the back seat directly in front of a toilet lever
  • A magazine holder is not present

Buying the Toilet rails for elders in your family or patients who are dependent on others for daily activities will be the smartest decision and can save them from various accidents that usually happen. Go through all the Toilet rails and buy the one that stands on your expectation and fits in your budget. 

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