8 Best Rain Gauges according to Experts Reviews and Tests

Are you looking for a Rain Gauge? Then you are in the right place, here is all that you need to know about Rain Gauges!

You may be a meteorologist, a farmer who needs Raining Gauge to monitor droughts. An ordinary person with a vast, well-maintained garden, or a disaster reading group, or an institute, you will always need a Rain Gauge to measure the amount of rainfall in a specific location at a particular time.

 The demand and use of rain gauges are increased by the time as it has additional functions despite measuring rainfall.

What is a Rain Gauge?

Rain Gauge is the tool that measures rainfall in a specific period; apart from this, rain gauges are utilized in analyzing rain. With the help of rain gauge, people monitor moisture to make sure how much irrigation is necessary to that place for any activity like gardening and farming. Rain Gauge predicts weather conditions effectively. (Check out more about Rain Gauge on Wikipedia)

Types Of Rain Gauge:

Though all the rain gauges work on the basic principle of measuring water, their ways of collecting water and mechanism, and the purpose is what makes them different. When you are planning to buy a rain gauge, then you need to know the types of rain gauges to select the one with the features you are looking for. Here are types of rain gauges available:

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge: This type of rain gauge work with the tipping bucket mechanism. Tipping bucket Rain gauge used by weather service stations that work remotely, home weather stations, and professional weather services.

Optical Rain Gauge: It is an advanced rain gauge with photosensitive sensors and laser diode on sies while funnels to collect the rain. This gauge measures rainfall as well as the intensity and frequency of the storm.

Graduated Cylinder Rain Gauge: Professional weather people use this type of gauge as it’s the most accurate way. Its a standard and straightforward measuring glass cylinder.

Acoustic Rain Gauge: These types of rain gauges are in lakes, oceans, and dams. It is placed under these water bodies and measures the effect of rain falling of these water bodies

How Does A Rain Gauge Work?

The Working of a rain gauge depends on its type. Standard rain gauge measures rainfall manually. Standard or a funnel rain gauge works by collecting the rainwater into the collecting jars, which are funnel-shaped, and is connected to a measuring tube.

While the tipping rain gauge mechanism is quite different, water collects in one of two small buckets. As one bucket is full, another bucket gathers water. It is Wireless Rain Gauge used in wireless weather stations. Weighing Rain Gauge is used to determine climate. It is very accurate in measuring rainfall intensity; depth and time can be measured together with the weighing mechanism present at the end of the collector.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Rain Gauges

Rain Gauge is an essential device to measure rain, intensity, and to predict weather conditions. There are a few factors you should know look in the rain gauge while selecting one:

Design: No matter which measure you buy, the cylinder of the indicator should have a resolution of at least 0.1mm, give a keen at the material of the gauge.

Size: If you are confused between the gauges with two different capacities, always buy the one with more capacity to get the maximum accuracy.

Mount Height: Make sure to mount the gauge above 1.5 meters above the ground.

Well, Buying a Rain Gauge is quite complicated, and it is vital to buy the best to get accurate measurements.

There are many types of rain gauge like an Automatic Rain Gauge, wireless rain gauge, Wifi Rain Gauge, etc. To make it easy for you to get the best here, we are with the list of Best Rain Gauges with different features, as follow:

Our Top Picks

  • AcuRite 00899 Wireless Rain Gauge
  • Durable, weather resistant construction
  • Transmits data every 16 seconds
  • Automatic self-emptying rain collection cup
  • Taylor Jumbo Jr. 20" Rain Gauge
  • Affordable Price
  • Accurate, easy-to-read measurements
  • 5" water capacity
  • AcuRite 01089M Rain Gauge
  • Self-emptying rain collector
  • Oncoming Storm alert, plus programmable rain alarm
  • Indoor temperature and humidity Indicator

AcuRite 01089M Rain Gauge with Thermometer & Humidity

AcuRite brings you a wireless rain gauge with stunning features like weather station to keep you update with a weather report, You get the environmental conditions of indoor and outdoor, it also shows you a record of the entire week.

You get the rain alarm, which gives you a warning of flood-like conditions and notifies you when its time to turn the water sprinkle off for your garden. Check quickly if your lawn requires watering, know the amount of rainfall collection up to 25mm or 1 inch. You get accurate and trustworthy measurements with this Acurite Self Emptying gauge. It has a clock, humidity, and temperature on an LCD screen. Clock light adjust automatically in the presence of daylight



Oregon Scientific Wireless Rain Gauge

Oregon Scientific Wireless Rain Gauge with not just a week but ten days memory. It is easy to use and reliable rain gauge. You can completely trust it to check if your lawn requires additional watering or not. All you need to do is place it in open space.

Greenskeepers, Industries, Contractors, Government agencies, Schools, Farmers, Water department, Horticulturists, anyone can use it easily. You get the wireless display so that you do not need to get wet in the rain to check measurements. AA batteries, which you can replace every 12 months. Lithium AA battery ensures a better battery life. You get an update of outdoor temperature, Time, Total collected rain.



AcuRite 00899 Wireless Rain Gauge

AcuRite brings you another rain Gauge with affordable price and features like displaying rainfall in millimeters, presents a history of 7 days. It gives you an alert when it’s going to rain along with flood alerts. You can easily monitor the rainfall sitting at your home.

Self-emptying wireless rain collector gives you up to date information on an LCD display — the outdoor wireless sensors which transmit rain data wirelessly. You get a clock and a calendar on the screen.



Taylor Jumbo Jr.20' Rain Gauge

Taylor Jumbo Rain Gauge gives you accurate rainfall measurements up to 5” of local rainfall. It’s a perfect tool for gardeners. You can view the sizes from 50ft away. You can install it on the wall with the help of brackets and spikes. Installation is easy and convenient.



ECOWITT WH53608 Wireless Rain Gauge

ECOWITT Wireless gauge gives you an accurate measurement of the rain and environmental conditions. You can get a glance at the rainfall amount on the digital screen. ECOWITT Wireless Gauge gives you predictions about future environmental conditions. This self-emptying collector rain gauge gives you accurate indoor temperature and humidity. This Wireless Gauge have a remote sensor that works on Alkaline battery.

It measures rainfall with 0.1mm/0.01inch resolution to give you accurate measurements. You can customize alarms, and get a glance at indoor temperature, and humidity. It warns you when storm-like conditions arise. Rain rate to make you know when to sprinkle the water in your lawn. Calendar, time, and alarm function makes it multi-purpose



La Crosse Technology 724-1409 Wireless Rain Station

La Crosse presents you with a wireless Rain Gauge with indoor temperature, historical records, and cylindrical rain graphs. The mounted self-emptying bucket and transmitted 91m. You can set and customize the rain alerts. This rain gauge requires 4 AA battery to operate. It shows you current and years total initial rainfall readings in mm or inches.

It shows a history of 12 months. It keeps you updated about the low battery with the low battery indicator. With time and calendar display and kick out leg stand to mount easily on the wall. Indoor displays and the TX14R rains bucket require 2 AA alkaline batteries



La Crosse Technology 724-1415BL-INT Wireless Rain Gauge

724-1415BL-INT Wireless gauge with thickness and temperature notifications, The unique flower shows days without rainfall; You get to know the rain history of current to year and total precipitation. Twenty-four hours of rain alert, you can adjust the alarms.

The rain bucket with 330ft transmission range and self-emptying vents. With TX141TH-Bv3 humidity and temperature sensor. You get multiple language options; English, French, Spanish. Sensor signal strength indicator, With features like auto-dimming feature and backlight



La Crosse Technology Wireless Rain Gauge

La crosse brings you a rain gauge with supreme technology and accurate rainfall measurements on the LCD display, you can check the measurements sitting at home.

It collects the weather data and transmits it directly to you. Self-emptying titling cups, it displays total rain amounts. Rain records of the last 24 hrs. The battery indicator of wall hanging and a transmission range up to 330 feet. AAA alkaline batteries of receiver and Rain sensor of 2 AAA Alkaline batteries.




Rain Gauge is an essential tool for everyone with lawn or other professional use always needs. It gives you accurate measurements; few come with additional features like time and date, programmable alarms, and many more.

So choose the one with features you are expecting an affordable price. These Rain Gauge does stunning work at a very affordable price and is elementary to use. So buy your own Rainfall indicator and make your job done from any of the above Best Rain Gauges!

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