10 Best Plasma Lighter Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Plasma Lighters

Fed up of lightning traditional lighters many times to light your candle or Cigarette once? Then you need a Plasma Lighter! Flames are the essential things we need in our day to day for various activities.

Plasma or electric lighters are much better than butane lighters that get blown by the air quickly. If you are thinking to buy a plasma lighter then you are at the right track, here are all the details from start to end you must know about the electric Lighter

What Is An Electric Or Plasma Lighter?

Plasma Lighters are very different than ordinary lighters; these lighters need to charge via a USB device. Plasma lighters produce flames that are much hotter than flames by regular lighters. Electric Lighters have a plasma arc between two or four electrodes. Electric lighters are safe, and you do not need to worry about the lowing of flame. You can light up a cigarette to a bonfire during the camping; they are multipurpose in use.

Types Of Electric Lighters:

Every lighter is different in terms of features, price, and specifications. Here are examples of Plasma Lighters, you should know before making the final choice:

– Single Arc Parallel

– Dual Arc Parallel

– Dual Arc Upward

– Coil Lighter

– Single Arc Long Neck

Which Type Of Electric Lighter is Best For Candles and Stoves?

If you are looking for Electric Lighter for household work like lightning stoves and candles, or the one you can carry while going for camping to light the bonfire or a BBQ, then Long Neck Plasma Lighters are best for you. These are the best Rechargeable Plasma Lighters for safe and secure lighting. Long Neck Lighters are flameless and windproof, easy to rotate, and bend in any direction, best for lightning stoves and candles.

What is the difference between A Single Arc or Dual Arc Lighter?

As the name specifies, Dual Arc lighters have double power than that of Single Arc, but single arc lighters are more energy efficient as compare to double arc lighters.

Which Kind Of Arc Lighter Is Best For Cigars?

Double Arc Lighters are best for Cigars; they light faster and quickly than a single arc lighters

Usually, people treat lighters as disposable tools though they are in use in our daily activities. They are much safer than small lighters or match sticks. There is the list of Best Plasma Lighters that may confuse you so here is the Plasma Lighter Review of few shortlisted ones you can buy from:

Our Top Pick

  • Icfun Electronic Plasma Lighter
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 7 seconds automatic power off
  • Dual arc lighter (5 times faster than single arc lighter)
  • Tesla Coil Lighters
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Full charge can last up to a week
  • Safe and easy to use
  • SUPRUS Rechargeable Candle Lighter
  • Safety lock Included
  • Wind & Splash Proof Design
  • Easy to carry

Icfun Electric Lighter

Icfun brings you a Plasma lighter with exceptional looks, no flames to ensure safety and prevent accidents to due fires. Even if there is a lot of wind or rain, you do not need to worry.

You can light candles or cigarettes of any size with a 75-degree slope multipurpose body of lighter. It comes with a flip you can close when Lighter is not in use. The arc will shut on its own if heated for more than 7 seconds. This lighter is lightweight and portable; the body is durable; of metal zinc alloy with stylish looks



TROPRO Electric Arc USB Candle Lighter

Tropro is here with Plasma Lighter with exceptional features like Type-c port, portable, and pocket-friendly design. Multipurpose lighter for the candle, camping, BBQ, Kitchen, Torch Fireplace, Birthday candles, Camping any more. With 18% longer battery life, 7 Seconds auto shut off after spark to ensure safety.

With heat resistance ceramic tips that can be clean easily, Wind resistance to using even in outdoors. The lighter use Li-Ion battery, you can charge more than 500 times. Lightweight stainless steel body and design that is easy to port.



Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

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Roman Ventures Triple Plasma Rechargeable Lighter

Plasma lighter with Double Arc and LED in a weather-resistant casing. You can use this lighter to fire pipes, cigars, water pipes, candles, incense, cigarettes, and much more. It is the Best Plasma Lighter For Bowls. This lighter is wind and splash-proof with a built-in rechargeable battery and USB Port.



SUPRUS Electric Arc Coil Candle Lighter

Suprus is one of the trusted brands with quality products; here is the electric Lighter with no fuel, no flame that ensures 100% safety. It is light in weight and portable Lighter. With a rechargeable battery, you can charge for more than  500 times. Auto shut off after 10 seconds of lightening for secure use.

The windproof and splash-proof design that makes it safe for outdoor use as well. Heat resistance ceramic tips that are easy to clean. The body is of zinc alloy, best for any occasion. Rechargeable battery with the USB charging system. Battery notification to keep you update with the battery life.



Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Plasma Beam Lighter

Saberlight brings you a lighter that is more than a lighter. It has a rechargeable battery, lightweight, and Portable with Dual Beam Plasma Technology. It can be used with anything, plasma torch technology that produces a wave hotter than a fire. It is Windproof and splash-proof to use in any weather, safe as it does not have the flame. Rechargeable battery with one year warranty



Icfun Waterproof Electric Lighter

Icfun brings waterproof lighter that makes it best for outdoor and camping. It comes with the thick rope you can hang on your neck to carry anywhere. With metal ring sealed and locking clasp.

The IP56 Waterproof system makes sure water does not sit in the lighter. It is wind and splash-proof, you can recharge the lithium battery with USB. No fire and no butane with trendy looks. The body is robust and durable.



Bolt USB Rechargeable Lighter

Bolt brings an excellent replacement for your butane lighters. This Slim profile coil lighter has an extremely trendy design and looks. It has cool features like a Portable and pocket-friendly body; USB rechargeable battery requires no more butane. It does not produce any flame, so it’s easy and safe to use anywhere. Windproof that makes it best for outdoors.



Icfun Windproof Arc Plasma Lighter

Icfun brings you cool lighter with four battery indicators to alert you with remaining battery life. It looks very stylish with a compact design of zinc alloy, durable, and portable body. This rechargeable Lighter is windproof, splash-proof, and flameless to ensure the safety of the user. The auto stop after 7 seconds of lightning for better protection



Sipoe Double Arc Electric Lighter

Here is the lighter with a windproof double arc beam. It has the best portability with advanced plasma technology. With complete new fashionable looks, it has a slim and compact body.

Battery indicator with 4 LED lights to update you with remaining battery life. With USB port to charge the 300mAh battery, you can charge for more than 600 times. Auto shut off when it lights for 7 seconds for superb protection from any accidents




Though Lighters are the essential thing we require in our day to day life, when it’s not of the right type, it can cause massive destruction. So, make sure you get the one with all the necessary features and safety in your budget.

All the above given have the best features, so check each and get the one you like. So, leave those boring smelly old Butane Lighters and get modern with stunning looks and functions!

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