10 Best Moon Lamp of 2020 [Review & Buying Guide]

Best Moon Lamps Buying Guide

We all love to admire the beauty of the moon. So what about having a moon on the side table of our bedroom! It will add a lot of class and creativity to the bedroom; you will get rid of those boring dim lights.

We can find lamps in various shapes, even in a moon shape. What can be better than having a moon shape lamp for peaceful sleep? If you want a beautiful moon in your bedroom, then you have landed at the right place.

Moon lamps are lamps that exactly looks like the moon in terms of appearance, color, and texture; it’s from 3D printing technology! This lamp gives your bedroom an aesthetic look and can be the best and unique decoration piece you will ever buy! Many well-known brands are manufacturing Moon lamps with different features at different prices!

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Moon Lamp

Moon lamps are something you will love at just one glance, but there are few things you need to consider while buying one as follows to get you the Best Moon Lamp:

Texture: Well, if you are purchasing a moon lamp, then you will expect that the feel of the lamp should be moon-like, not plain. And your expectation is genuinely right. So always look for the surface and dark spots like the moon, not a plain one!

Size: The size of moonlight depends on the size of your size table. If your side table is small in size, then a big moon lamp will not look good. So choose the one that goes with the size of your side table.

Battery: Look for a built-in cell so that you do not need to worry about changing the battery every time. As the lamp is going to light all night, it should have a good battery life

Charging Port: If a moonlight have visible charging point then it affects the look of the lamp so get the one with the invisible charging port

Price: Always keep in mind about the budget and make sure you get the best with all the necessary features that too at affordable price

Getting a Best 3D Moon Lamps is quite tricky and needs lots of research and time. Do not worry here. We have shortlisted a few Customize moon lamp only for you to ensure that you get the best one!

Our Best Picks

  • Mydethun White Lunar Moon Lamp
  • white and yellow Color with adjust brightness
  • Includes a rechargeable battery
  • Made with eco-friendly materials (PLA)
  • LOGROTATE 16 Colors LED Moon Lamp
  • Comes with 7 colors gradient
  • Controlable with remote & touch
  • 800mAh Battery Capacity
  • Mind-glowing 3D Moon Lamp
  • Up to 15 hours working time

Mydethun Moon Lamp

Mydethun is here with a Moon lamp with all the features you are looking for. The lamp is of 3D printer PLA material that is eco-friendly. With a touch on the bottom metal spot of the lamp, you can control the brightness and change the color white or yellow whichever you want.

All you need to do is recharge the battery for 2 to 3 hours and use it for 8 to 10 hours at night. You have a hidden USB charging port that does not affect the look of the moon. It is available in different diameters and different holders. You can choose accordingly with 5V Voltage and 1 Watt wattage.



Logrotate 3D Moon Lamp

Longrotate brings you a 3D printing moon lamp with 16 different LED Colours. You can choose any! With the 7.0 inch diameter, you can set timings at four different types; 15/ 30/ 45/ 60 minutes. It comes with a remote to make it easy for you to access it even from 30 feet.

The wooden stand with the lamp is of good quality and adorable design. USB charging port to charge the rechargeable battery, 7 Flash, and fade colors. It has a polymer Lithium battery with 800 mAh capacity; the lamp is made of eco-friendly PLA material. The working time of the light depends on the brightness you choose.



ZgmdaHOME Moon Lamp

Here is another lamp with the 8-inch diameter and 16 beautiful colors you can choose from. The lamp is made using 3D printing technology from PLA eco-friendly material. The stand is made of quality wood; it has a Polymer lithium battery of 500 mAh, which needs to be charged for 3 hours to use it 8 to 48 hours depending on the level of brightness.

You can control the lamp with the remote even from 35 feet; colors can fade and flash. You can change the color and turn on and off the light by touching. It has a hidden USB port that does not affect the moon like the look of the lamp



Mind-Glowing 3D Moon Lamp

Mind-Glowing is the well-known brand in lights, here it brings a moon lamp with 7.1-inch diameters, made of 3D Printed superior eco-friendly PLA material.

Good quality wood stand, you can control the brightness in five stages with five display modes with a multi-purpose remote and touch control feature that makes it easy to manage. It has a rechargeable battery that can work up to 15 hours after charging it fully



Super3DMall Full Moon Lamp

Here is the full moon lamp with different diameters like 5.9″, 9.1″, 10.1″ with 3D Printing. It gives you 16 different colors of LED lights. It emits 3000k light that is not harmful to eyes and kids.

You can control the brightness and 16 colors with a touch sensor and multi-purpose remote. It looks like a real moon, best for gifting, and can be utilized as a decorative item. It has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with 10000 hours battery life



Brightworld Moon Lamp

Brightworld brings you a moon lamp with a 7.1-inch diameter made with high precision 3D Printing. Perfect for any side table with an Adorable wood stand. It looks exactly like a moon of eco-friendly, fine PLA material. It gives you two light colors; warm and cold light, you can adjust the brightness.

It has a touch switch and separate charging port, which does not affect the looks. If you charge the battery for two hours, you can use a lamp for 8 to 24 hours, depending upon the brightness.



Athena Futures Moon Lamp

Here is a moon lamp with a remote to control and switch the light to any of the three colors. If you have a small side table, then this is a perfect lamp for you. It’s of PLA eco-friendly material from 3D printing technology.

This moon lamp can be the best gift for your loved ones; you can control the brightness with remote. 2 Hours of charging to a 500 mAh battery gives you 8 hours of lightning. 4 Feet long USB Cable to charge from anywhere.



SEGOAL Moon Lamp

Segoal brings you an extremely affordable lamp with all the essential features like 16 colors for any of your moods. You can control the light with a remote and touch control function. It has 5 stage dimmer and five display modes.

It has improved and rechargeable battery with 15 hours working after getting charged. Its made by 3D printing technology, and it’s truly safe for kids. The company gives you a 100% safety policy



Eguled Moon Lamp

Searching for a lamp that is of moon shape but looks like the entire galaxy after turning on? Here is an Eguled moon lamp that has features like glowing light in 16 different colors you can choose from.

You can control the mode and speed of color change with a remote or touch control button. The diameter of the lamp is 5.9″, the light is composed of PVC and ABS material. Rechargeable polymer lithium battery and USB charging cord to charge the lamp



Final Verdict!

There can be nothing better than having your moon in your room. If you are looking for the best lamp, then moon lamps are amazing, and the above Moon Lamp Review clarifies why. You can gift the light to your loved ones, to show them you love them to the moon and back!

Moon lamps really add flavors to your room; they are genuinely aesthetic and beautiful. So why wait to get your place or your loved one a radiant moon that lights!

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