12 Best Affordable Masticating Juicers in 2020 – “Don’t Buy Before Reading This”

Benefits of drinking homemade fruit juice

Nothing can quite deliver the nutrients and essentials of having a glass of freshly prepared juice in your breakfast. Not at least packaged juice products. To keep packaged juice fresh for months, preservatives are added, and thus, they demolish any benefit of having juice in your diet. Moreover, the flavor of packaged juice products are artificial in most cases, that doesn’t serve the purpose of real fruits.

I hope you understood my point. If you want to keep yourself healthy and active, you must avoid packaged juice products. Instead, you can have freshly prepared glasses of juice at your home, that are extracted from real fruits. By consuming a glass each morning, this will keep you energized, both physically and mentally, throughout your day. Undoubtedly, the advantages are endless.

What are masticating juicers?

best masticating juicer

You may wonder that preparing juice at home can be quite troublesome and time-consuming. Thanks to masticating juicers, your conception is about to change. If you wish to prepare fresh and healthy fruit juice at home, you should consider a masticating juicer (and a mini food chopper to slice the fruits) is your best choice. Nutrition experts have agreed that these kinds of juicers retain more nutrients than any typical centrifugal juicers.

Masticating juicers are also high in demand as they tend to extract every bit of essentials, without sacrificing the vitamins and nutrients inside. Fruits like lemon and orange lose their calcium essence when exposed to heat. That’s why, unlike traditional centrifugal ones, masticating juicers don’t get warm, and thus, the juice won’t taste oxidized or cooked.

Benefits of having a Masticating Juicer in the kitchen

  • Masticating juicers always retain more nutrients as the fruits and vegetables aren’t shredded with metal blades. This exposes the pulp to air and metal that speeds up the oxidation and makes them taste cooked.
  • Masticating juicers can extract more juice ounce per ounce. Unlike centrifugal ones, masticating juicers can save you some money while producing healthy juice from fruits.
  • Masticating juicers extract not only the juice from the fruits, but also pulps. This helps in retaining more fiber in your glass and also makes the juice dense, compared to packaged products.

Considerations before buying a Masticating Juicer

Aside from checking whether it’s masticating or not, you must also ensure some key functionalities that make an excellent juicer. Like other products, you must consider attachments, motor power, and especially price. So, let’s take a deep dive into some essential features of masticating juicers that one must consider before buying.

  1. Attachments

Most masticating juicers nowadays don’t come with external attachments, and thus you have to purchase them separately. However, you can find such products that bundle well-functioning attachments. This may raise the price, but it still will be quite affordable than buying the goodies separately. With accessories like grinders and slicers, you can prepare pasta, peanut butter, and a variety of exciting recipes. If you don’t want to add more attachments then you should also try Omega Juicers which cost under $100.

  1. Motor and gears

With centrifugal juicers, higher speed and wattage must be your foremost considerations. But, this is not the exact case for masticating juicers because they require slow and reliable motors. While choosing your product, you must look for higher torque, as this will efficiently force the auger through hard veggies like carrots. Juicers with the gear-reduction system are better in these operations.

  1. Price

It’s a no-brainer that price plays an underrated role. Masticating juicers aren’t an exception. However, being an electrical appliance, there’s a considerable risk of component failures. And thus, going for products from reliable brands is a smart choice. You may need to pay bonus charges, but there’s a guarantee that your product will last for longer. Moreover, expensive products also bundle brand warranties, and therefore, replacement and repairs won’t be challenging either.

  1. Size and container volume

I will leave this choice up to yourself. A wide variety of sizes and container volumes are available, as you would expect. Depending on the amount you want to process each time, you can either opt low capacity ones or higher capacity ones. However, I would like to suggest that you should choose higher capacity ones. This may end up being an excellent decision whenever guests arrive, and you’ll have to prepare a dozen glasses of fresh juice.

Best Masticating Juicers - Our Top Picks

  • Omega Dual-Stage Masticating Juicer
  • INDUSTRY LEADER in this Segment
  • Operate on low speed for minimal heat
  • High juice yield with very dry pulp & automatic pulp-ejection function
  • AICOK Slow Masticating Juicer
  • Runs as low as 60 decibels
  • Safe PMMA material
  • 7 segment spiral opening for maximum juice yield
  • Omega Nutrition Center Juicer
  • Quiet but powerful motor 2 HP motor
  • Runs at low speed of 80 RPMs & Silent
  • Adjustable end cap has 5-settings for maximum juice output

It’s not time to close this page yet. Because, for your convenience, I’m going to suggest you twelve products that are worth your bucks. Recently, these products have hit millions of customers, and you’ll be pretty safe choosing anyone. Many of them are even honored as ‘Amazon’s Choice’ and ‘Best Seller’ from the world’s leading online marketplace. They highly vary in functionalities, and thus you can pick one according to your requirements. Each one is affordable and comes from the house of trusted manufacturers. So, without further adieu, let’s explore them all.

Omega Nutrition Center Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

You’ve probably heard of Omega, that specializes in kitchen appliances. With this product, they’ve secured the first rank in our list. This masticating juicer has an optimal speed of 80 RPM, that’s ideal for reserving healthy enzymes. The powerful 2 HP motor is equipped with an efficient gear-reduction system. Speaking of price, this model only costs $250, and that’s quite affordable compared to other models. Oh, did I tell you that it’s also an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ product?



  • 80 RPM optimized gear system
  • Low power consumption at 200 Watts
  • Reserves enzymes while masticating
  • 2 HP motor isn't powerful enough

AICOK Slow Masticating Juicer

At just $140, this product packs some exciting punch. The innovative spiral system doesn’t affect natural essentials while masticating fruits and veggies. This product features a powerful but quiet motor that runs at 80 RPM. Moreover, this masticating juicer is highly recommended for babies, for perfectly separating juice from the pulps. With its unique detachable parts, fruit pulps won’t get clogged. All these exciting features make an exceptional product, isn’t it?



  • Affordable at just $140
  • Recommended for babies and infants
  • Detachable and washable parts
  • Doesn't bundle few attachments

Omega NC900HDC Extractor & Nutrition Centre Juicer

On the surface, this product may seem expensive at $350 but completely justifies its price by delivering the best possible conveniences. Like Omega’s last product, this also features an 80 RPM gear system to provide maximum torque. Airtight chambers ensure that extractions won’t spill over, and ABS plastic construction ensures maximum durability throughout the years. With all included attachments, you can extract not only juice, but also peanut butter, milk-pasta, baby foods, and more.



  • Lightweight construction with ABS plastic
  • Efficient 80 RPM gear-reduction system
  • Bundles essential attachments
  • Quite expensive

KOIOS Masticating Juicer Machine

Can you believe in owning an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ product just for $150? With this affordable product from KOIOS, you’re getting three-stage squeezing technology, that delivers healthy and tasteful extraction. Two power programs offer soft and hard juicing choices for added conveniences. The motor also features reverse motion that helps clear any clogging. Moreover, the product can be disassembled for secure storage in kitchen shelves. Where will you get all such features?



  • Two power modes for soft and hard juicing
  • Reverse motion technology to prevent clogging
  • Detachable components that consume less storage space
  • No gear-reduction system

Dorini 2-in-1 Masticating Juicer

Don’t get fooled by its $90 price tag because on purchasing this product, you won’t be disappointed. Starting from the looks, to the build quality, to the functionalities, everything is premium and well designed. The 7 stage spiral system retains 90% nutrients, prevents oxidation, and doesn’t generate any heat. Everything is powered by an 80 RPM motor, coupled with an efficient gear-reduction mechanism. Are you a caring parent? If yes,  then it’s an absolute deal for the growth of your kids.



  • Shockingly affordable at $90
  • Retains 90% nutrients from fruits and veggies
  • Efficiently separates the juice from fruit pulp
  • Doesn't bundle few attachments

Sagnart Slow Masticating Juicer

By spending $130, you’ll get superior robustness, that’s designed in Germany. This masticating juicer from the house of Sagnart features a full feed tube that doesn’t require the ingredients to be shredded. After extraction, the juice and pulp are stored in different containers, which makes it easy for cleaning. But apart from these, the highlight feature of this product is ‘foam-free’ extraction. This means, air bubbles won’t be present in the extracted juice, and such cleanliness makes a huge difference.



  • Low power consumption at 150 Watts
  • Variable speed from 80-120 RPM
  • 'Foam-free' juice extraction
  • Doesn't bundle any attachments

Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer Machine

Here’s another masticating juicer that costs less than $100. It’s quite simple, though. The top-fed three-inch tube allows feeding fruits and veggies without chopping them. Unlike 80 RPM, it’s gear-reduction is more efficient at 60 RPM. Furthermore, the containers are sealed with rubber gaskets that ensure an airtight operation. Crucial safety features don’t allow the motor to run unless the attachments are adequately locked. This feature is unique that’s surprising in this price segment.



  • Efficient 60 RPM gear-reduction mechanism
  • Safety switch that ensures attachments are locked
  • Wide feeding tube
  • The plastic build may feel cheap

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

When it comes to looks, there’s no match for this product. It features a unique design that’s also build of reinforced ABS plastic. This also allows the juicer to become shockingly lightweight at around 12 lbs. The powerful 150 Watt motor is equipped with a reversible gear-reduction system that creates a noise of less than 60 dB. The extracted juice is natural, nutrient-rich, and tastes just like real fruits. This holiday, don’t forget to add this masticating juicer to your shopping list.



  • Build of durable ABS plastic
  • Lightweight at just 12 lbs
  • Noise level less than 60 dB
  • Non-detachable parts

Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer

It features three power modes that are reverse, soft, and hard, respectively. This means you’re getting more precise control over what food you’re processing. The reverse motion system doesn’t allow any clogging, and thus there are fewer maintenance efforts to spend. The detachable parts make cleaning seamless and less time-consuming. Even with a low price tag, this product packs four years of brand warranty on the motor. Now, that’s quite surprising.



  • 80 RPM efficient gear-reduction mechanism
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning
  • Four years of brand warranty on the motor
  • The plastic build may feel cheap

Amzchef Slow Masticating Juicer



  • In-built safety features to ensure longevity
  • The powerful motor can crush most food items
  • Retains 90% of nutrients and other fibrous essentials
  • No gear-reduction system

Sagnart Portable Juicer Machine

Slow juicing means efficient juicing. And this product delivers the same by ensuring 40 RPM speed and low temperatures operations. This preserves sensitive enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. The footprint is also sleek and modern that serves the purpose of storage efficiency. The motor also supports reverse motion that quite helpful when the tube gets clogged. Oh, did I tell you the price? With such affordability, there’s no excuse for not buying this product.



  • The slowest possible speed at 40 RPM
  • Reverse motion technology
  • Powerful 200 Watts motor
  • No gear-reduction system

Kuvings BPA-free Slow Juicer

The $520 price tag can easily get you the latest iPhone. But believe me, this product serves more functionalities than its dollar count. The motor is unbelievably powerful at 240 Watts, and that gets equipped with an exceptional gear system. It packs all the regular bells and whistles like safety switches and auto-off functionality. Moreover, the product bundles a whopping ten-year limited brand warranty. I guess that justifies the $520 price now.



  • 240 Watts behemoth motor equipped with an efficient gear
  • Ten years of limited brand warranty
  • Unibody metal construction
  • Bank-breaker deal (Costly)

Final Verdict!

Choosing the right masticating juicer that matches your expectations can be quite challenging. That’s why I’ve researched, gathered, and enlisted twelve exceptional juicers that will deliver you great conveniences, without breaking your bank. I’ve written about my honest and unbiased thoughts about these products. I hope, now, you don’t need to scrub through dozens of shopping sites. Will you?

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