8 Best Manual and Mini Food Chopper of 2020 [Review & Comparison]

Best Food Choppers

Food Choppers

Are you fed up of crying in the kitchen while cutting the onions? Or those green chilies make your skin irritated, and hands burn? Or you find peeling, cutting and chopping takes a lot of time? Yes, you are right; it takes a lot of time and creates too much mess in the kitchen.

Cooking is all about peeling, cutting, mincing! And it becomes tougher when your recipe asks for specific size cuttings. Chopping with your shark size knife and chopping board is too time-consuming, and if you are the one who needs to handle other chores as well, then standing and cutting veggies is a waste of your precious time.

If you are looking for something easy to access, a small kitchen appliance which can save your time, then you are probably in search of top quality Best Food Chopper! Food choppers are blessings for those who love cooking or those who spend their hours in the kitchen.

It makes the most crucial part of cuisine easiest like never before. Apart from these, here are a few things you should know before buying the Best Manual Food Choppers:

Food Processor Vs. Food Chopper:

Many people are confused between what is a food processor and what is food chopper. They end up buying a food processor when they need food chopper. So to ensure that this won’t be in your case here, we have clarified a few differences between both. Let’s see how a food processor is different from Food choppers:

Size: The food processor is relatively more prominent than the food chopper. Food choppers are compact and fit comfortably anywhere in your kitchen. Food choppers are handy.

Ability: Food processor can easily mix food up to 10 cups at one instance while food chopper can chop 4 cups of food at a time depending upon the model

Price: Well, when it comes to costing food choppers wins the race, as top quality food chopper is cheaper than that of a food processor

Cleaning: Food processors take more time to clean then food choppers. Most of the time people refuse using processors just because they take a lot of time to clean after completing the process, and again they end up wasting time

For whom: If you love to do things fast and you do not need to cook for a lot of people, food choppers are best for you. Food processors have many functions like you can knead dough in it or cut many onions at a time. But that is a part you can do in the chopper as well. There is no point in paying more!

How To Choose Best Manual Food Choppers?

If you have decided to buy the Best Manual Food Chopper then here are a few things you should remember while making a final purchase:

Ease: Press Box Models are easy to use and do not need a lot of energy. You do not need lots of effort to assemble them.

Capacity: The capacity of the chopper depends upon why you need it. If you are buying a chopper for mincing dry fruits or garlic, then you can buy a Best Mini Food Chopper.

Blades: Look for one with sharp and corrosion-resistant blades

Budget: There are enormous choppers available in the market, but make sure the one you buy fits in the budget with an excellent quality body.

Food Chopper Buying Guide

Purchasing a food chopper may seem very easy, but it’s not. With the increasing brand manufacturing choppers every next day in the market makes it more complicated for consumers, people opt for fancy looks and end up buying useless products.

We do not want that to happen with you, here is the complete buying guide if you are looking forward to buying Manual Food Chopper:

Easy To AccessBox models are the ones easy to use and clean. Operating the chopper should not need a lot of energy. They must quick to operate.

Material Of Blade: Good quality stainless steel sharp blades give you quick and easy chopping. Look for corrosion-resistant and sturdy blades.

Body Material: Body of chopper should be of good quality, scratch proof, and sturdy plastic. It should be light in weight and easy to carry anywhere.

FunctionChoppers cannot perform grinding but look for choppers with various blade sizes to get chopping in any size you need. The chopper should be capable enough to chop in the smallest and largest size.

Types Of Manual Vegetable Chopper

Box Models: These are easy to use box-shaped models; all you need to do is keep the vegetables on the tray and press the box.

Food Processors: With food processors, you can make doughs as well, you have to rotate the handle on the top of the device. They are quite expensive.

Pulley Choppers: These choppers work on string mechanisms, after pulling the string, the blades rotate and cut the vegetables inside.

With the massive lists of Manual Choppers available, you may get confused, so after long hours of research here, we have shortlisted very few Best Manual Food Choppers for you. Go through this list and get the best one for a perfect cooking experience.

Our Top Pick

  • Mueller Austria Food Chopper
  • Easy to use
  • Made from BPA-free Material
  • 2 ultra-sharp German 420-grade hardened stainless steel discs
  • ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper & Processor
  • Multi-blade designed
  • Booster arms on the top & bottom
  • 5 Year Zyliss Guarantee
  • Ninja Food Chopper
  • 200 Watt Power Pod
  • Capacity: 16 Ounces
  • Easy to handle

Mueller Austria Pro Vegetable Chopper

Mueller Pro vegetable chopper is a manual chopper you can use it anywhere. It comes with various frames with different diameters you can choose from to get specific size cuttings.

After placing the fruit or vegetable on the frame, you need to press the lid hard, and it’s all done! You get the cuttings in the transparent container below the chopper; stainless steel blades are rust proof to ensure better durability.



Ninja Food Chopper

Ninja brings you a professional chopper with Ninja Blade Technology to mince, chop, dice, or blend. You get the full control of your chopper with 200-watt power and 16 oz. Capacity pod.

It has four sets of blades and an anti-slip base. This chopper is easy to wash with all removable parts. Best to save your time and efforts while cooking.



Chef'n Hand-Powered Food Chopper

Chef’n presents a manual food chopper for small kitchens, travel, camping, and many other places.

All you have to do is put your food in a container, lock the lid, and pin chopping blades. You can easily wash the blades, box, cover to keep it clean.



Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper

Brieftons bring you a versatile chopper for quick and easy cutting of fruits and vegetables. This chopper has a remarkable four cups capacity and easy to clean dishwasher safe body will free you from cleaning stress.

This chopper has Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades for a quick-cooking experience. It has a quick, natural pull cord with an anti-skid base for a stress-free experience. With a large 4, cup capacity bowl and three stainless steel blades make it the Best Manual Chopper.



ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper

Here is a multi-purpose chopper to chop anything to everything from cutting to pureeing. You can do everything with your food. You can make mouth-watering smoothies, salsas, and pestos.

This chopper is easy to clean with a 25-ounce bowl and blades are sharp but dishwasher friendly. Two blades rotating in the opposite direction to chop your food finely.



Kuhn Rikon Pull Chopper

Kuhn Rikon is serving its valuable customers since 1926 with innovative designs and the best quality products. This chopper is easy to use; just load your food and pull the string five times, and if you want it to be a more small pull for ten or more.

A stainless steel blade has a blade protector; you do not need to rely on frames with a particular diameter. You are free to make food fine as much as you want.



Kitchen + Home Manual Food Chopper

Here is 4 in one miracle chopper with salsa maker, blender, slicer, and shredder. What else do you need! The chopper has robust triple samurai chopping blades of surgical stainless steel to ensure you rust-free, bend free, fast chopping.

This chopper has the most substantial capacity container with 5 cup capacity. It has an anti-skid base, and you can remove corn off the cob with this incredible chopper. You can cut thin strips of carrot, shredded cheese, and many more with a julienne blade. With the manual operation, you can get cuttings of whichever size you want.



Kwik-Kut Tooth Edge Manual Food Chopper

Here is an affordable food chopper for mincing and chopping meat, vegetables, and fruits. Its made in America with stainless steel chopping ring with 2.875″ X 75″.

Your finger won’t get dirty as this chopper have a tall handle, Its very simple to use, you can tenderize the meat and blend doughs. It is sturdy you do not need to worry about breaking with the rust-free body. You can clean it easily with warm water and soap



Process Of Cleaning Food Chopper

The most important thing which one should consider is cleaning, after chopping you should not feel a massive burden of cleaning the chopper. The tools of the chopper must be easy to assemble after cleaning. To make this cleaning process easy and less messy you should also buy one Portable Trash Compactor to collect your trash.

Food chopper is an essential tool every kitchen needs for quick and straight forward cooking. All the above mention are the Best Manual Food Choppers worth your money. Go through each and buy the one that you love!

Add this excellent tool to your kitchen and start cooking your favorite recipes in no time!   

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