10 Best Electric Fireplace with Complete Buying Guide & In-depth Reviews

Are you searching for the best electric fireplace? Then you are in the right place. Electric Fireplace not just makes your room warm but adds class and elegance too! Electric Fireplaces are worth your every single penny!

Make your room a cozy place by adding a Best Electric Fireplace. Electric Fireplaces set you free from traditional smoky gas and wood fireplaces and their costly maintenance and installation.

You need a fireplace not just in winters but anytime a day to have a peaceful sleep moreover you can sit near it with your family on a Big and Tall Recliner Sofas with a glass of wine and enjoy the winter days! 

You can place them anywhere you wish, but this is not enough; you need to know a few things about an electric fireplace before buying one. There are many types of electric fireplaces you can buy from. Read further to help yourself get the best electric fireplace that you require.

Types Of Electric Fireplace

Here are types of electric fireplace with different features you need to know:

Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

The beneficial part of this mount is that you hang it on the wall as well as built it in walls. To give it a more aesthetic look, few have backlit LED lighting for better display. You get a variety of options in colors, and another positive aspect is it does not always require a venting. Most of the advance wall mount fireplaces have a remote control for convenient and smooth operation.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

This is an advance replacement to your outdated one; it does not necessarily require any venting. Color and fire media options are available in this type of fireplace. You can get a unit that operates on the remote.

Stand Alone Electric Fireplaces

If you are looking for a traditional fireplace, this one is best; it has a mantel appearance that looks amazing in living rooms with classical themes. No venting is mandatory, and you get a variety of options in colors and media. Find the one with advance features like remote control operation

Built-In Electric Fireplaces

This type of fireplaces is perfect for small apartments or condos. You get multiple media and color options in these fireplaces. Some of this allows full flush mount. No venting is required.

Complete Buying Guide For Electric Fireplaces:

Electric Fireplaces are an excellent innovative device to free us from traditional smoky gas and wood fireplaces. It gives you the same experience as wooden fireplaces but saves your precious time. Here is a complete buying guide for Electric Fireplace:

Operation: If you want to have a fireplace ambiance, not the warmness, then you can get the fireplace with no heat operation.

Controls: Look for the fireplace, which is easy to control; all the features should be easy to access. Brightness control is another essential concern; you must go with the one whose brightness can be adjusted according to your convenience. The fireplace should have a flame speed control feature to control the speed of flames.

Thermostats: The electric fireplace is useful only if you can adjust the thermostat. Get the fireplace with an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature or heat and warmness of your room.

How To Choose The Right Size Electric Fireplace?

The capability of the fireplace depends on its type. Electric fireplaces can heat the area from 400 sq ft to 1000 sqft. Electric fireplaces do not cost you too much of the bill as compared to heaters. You can increase the temperature of your living room without increasing the bedroom. So look for the electric fireplace with zone heating function.

Leaving Electric Fireplace On All Night

best electric fireplace

During winters, all we need is a warm ambiance in the room to have a peaceful, comfortable sleep. You may wish to keep the electric fireplace on all night long, they won’t be an issue in leaving the electric fireplace on all night, but you have to take some safety measures.

Advantages Of Electric Fireplaces

Apart from creating a warm temperature, there are few more benefits of electric fireplace you may not be aware of:

– Low maintenance

– Less expensive

– Durability

– Easy to use and install

– Multiple options to choose from

– Much safer than heaters

– Can use anytime a year

– No smoke

Now you know buying an Electric Fireplace is a much better option than purchasing any other as it has enormous benefits over any other heaters. You do not need to scroll an extensive list of best electric fireplaces available in the market we have shortlisted few after studying for hours. Have a look and get yourself the best electric fireplace that you truly needs:

Electric Fireplace - Our Top Picks

  • PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace
  • Remote Controllable
  • 3 flame settings fort variable intensity and brightness
  • supplemental heat for up to 400 sq. ft
  • VIVOHOME Electric Fireplace
  • Realistic 3D flame effect
  • Adjustable fan heater
  • Adjusted flame and temperature
  • Touchstone Electric Fireplace
  • Two heat settings: high and low
  • 5 Flame Settings
  • Realistic 3 Color Flame

Dimplex Electric Fireplace

Dimplex brings you a fantastic design aesthetic looking electric fireplace insert to reclaim the charm of your old fireplace. To give you a real fireplace look, it has a handcrafted LED inner glow with the glowing embers. It can fit easily into any existing fireplace. Do not worry about the flames, and the smoke these electric fireplaces give you the same feel like a wooden fireplace.

It does not emit any harmful particles; it can efficiently distribute the heat evenly in the area up to 400 square feet with its built-in fan heater. This makes it more affordable and low maintenance. You get options like flame only, half heat, and full heat to enjoy the fireplace any season a year. Another fascinating part is, you can control this fireplace from anywhere in the room with its remote.



Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace

Touchstone designs a fireplace to make your winters worth enjoying! This fireplace features five flame settings and two heat settings to adjust the temperature to high and low according to your comfort. To give the real fireplace feel it emits authentic-looking flames at different levels, you can get the soft glow to an intense fire like ablaze.

You can control this fireplace from any corner of the room with a remote. Unique dual-mode allows you to get fireplace like appearance without heating the room. It has the built-in time, which ensures the unit will shut down automatically within the set time between 30 minutes to 7.5 hours. It can heat the room large as 400 sq ft quickly.



VIVOHOME 110V Electric Fireplace

VIVOHOME is the brand that never disappoints us with its high quality and innovative products. VIVOHOME designs astonishing products with rare 3D smoldering light effects to give you a true fireplace ambiance and warmness in the room. You can control this hi-tech fireplace with remote control, and set times with the unique time setting program. Adjust the temperature of the fireplace according to your requirements.

It has functional flame effects and heating timer to give amazing looks along with active warming. If you are looking for a fireplace just for an appearance, then this one will be best for you. To ensure your safety, it automatically cut the heat off in case of overheating. It has advance remote control feature to control it anywhere from the room.



PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace

PuraFlame is serving the market with exceptional electric fireplaces for more than  15 years. Here PuraFlame presents your unique fireplace that makes a crackling sound; you do not always need to warm your room. If you are just looking to have an aesthetic burning look, then you can switch to only flame effects.

It sets the ember bed amazingly with 11 13/16″ height and 7 1/2″ depth. It is easy to clean and does not make any air pollution. To give an elegant look and hide the heat outlet and control panel to maintain the look. It is available in many sizes you can buy the one which fits correctly.



Pleasant Hearth Electric Log Insert With Heater

If you are tired of your old wood fireplace, then you need the best electric fireplace insert. Pleasant Hearth brings you one of the best electric fireplace inserts to convert your existing wooden fireplace. This fireplace fits in most of the prefabricated and masonry fireplaces. You can enjoy your evenings with the realistic flame effect and glowing logs and ember bed.

It has a fan-forced air heater that provides 4,600 BTUs heat. It operates without a heater and with heater. It can quickly heat an area to 400 sq ft, and you can operate it from any corner with the multi-function remote control. You can adjust the flames and change the settings with the remote control.



R.W.Flame Electric Fireplace

Add more colors to your living room with this fantastic electric fireplace; it offers you 12 LED Bed colors and 12 Flame colors that will make your room look great. The dimensions of the fireplace are 50″ L X 18.1″ H X 6″ W. Its an easy to install and clean, which needs 120V and 5100 BTUs. The multi-operating modes with the touch screen and remote control make the operation quick and convenient.

The colors of flames change automatically with the five flame brightness levels; you can set the timer. You can switch to sleep mode when you do not want any lightning and just heating. Two heat setting modes; 750W and 1500W can be changed according to the requirements.



Classic Flame Traditional Built In Electric Fireplace

ClassicFlame brings you a traditional Buil in Electric Fireplace with some modern look for contemporary house themes. The warmness of this fireplace is all that you need in winters; you can use the flame effect with or without heat. The electric timer function and six up and down mood light color create a pure romantic ambiance in the room.

You get the multifunctional remote with the fireplace to control your fireplace from anywhere. The supplemental zone heating saves you from pocket cutting bills, and wall-mounted thermostat provides convenient use. The glowing amber bed is all that you need to read a book in a warm and cozy environment.



Comfort Glow Electric Log Insert

Bring your old traditional fireplace to life by adding this astonishing Electric Log insert Heater and Firebox Projection by Comfort Glow and Glow your room! This is a fireplace or a heater with a Circulating blower.

You can control it with the advance remote control; it enables you to use this flame effects with or without heat. You can just use this for sparkling dancing yellow flames effects too. It uses energy-efficient LED Technology with five brightness levels. It comes fully assembled; you do not need to mess with the parts. It is one of the best electric fireplaces for heat by Comfort Glow.



ClassicFlame Electric Fireplace Insert With Safer Plug

ClassicFlame presents another electric magical device that will instantly bring your old fireplace to life. You do not need to put a lot of effort into installing it; it is easy to install. You can use it with or without heat just to enjoy the attracting flames. It has a built-in thermometer that monitors the temperature continuously and shut-offs automatically and save a lot of energy.

After cooling, the heater starts again and usually operates. The amazing zone heating features save a lot of energy. You do not need to heat all the rooms you can just heat one place with the zone heating feature. You can customize your fireplace with 125 flame effect options to create a perfect environment according to your mood. Or just select the auto cycle and enjoy the different flame effects.



Final Verdict!

There can be nothing better option than an electric fireplace to add lots of taste and warmness with low time and cost consuming maintenance compared to other heaters and traditional fireplaces. So make your room look more aesthetic and cozy with these amazing Electric Fireplaces!

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