8 Best Cheap BMX Bikes under $200 & $300 in 2020 according to Experts

Best Cheap BMX Bikes

If you are in love with BMX bikes and searching for the Best Cheap BMX Bikes, then you are precisely in the right place. BMX bikes are not just for people who love stunts; they are multi-purpose for off riding or many other uses. With stunning looks and amazing features, these bikes are all that you need to make your life more happening and fun!  There is no chance that the craze for these bikes is going to reduce at any day. Here is all you need to know about Good Cheap BMX Bikes.

What Are BMX Bikes?

BMX Bikes Under $300

BMX bikes are sports bikes for stunts, off-roading, and racing. BMX or Bike Motocross is easy to maintain single speed bikes. These bikes do not have gears, most of the time. With a combination of racing and freestyles rides, BMX is a complete package all stunt enthusiasts needs. These bikes are specially introduced to make the fun and thrilling of your trip. BMX or Bicycle Motocross is light on weight and is comparatively cheap than a mountain bike and Hybrid cruiser Bikes.

Types Of BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are exceptional bikes you can ride on rough terrains; you cannot expect with road or mountain bikes ever. BMX bikes are smaller with simple and lighter frames. Tires are sturdy and full; you can utilize the brakes. Here are types of BMX bikes you should before buying the one:

Flatland BMX: If you are the one who loves to stand on the Bike while doing stunts, then this is the Bike for you; you can do spinning on smooth and even roads.

Vert BMX:  This type of bikes is to perform any to every trick or stunts with 1/2 pipes and huge ramps for even more than 15fts height.

Race and Dirt Jump BMX Bikes: Race Bikes are light and easy to handle in any situation or to beat other racers well. It has padded seats and bars, a robust frame, and tires are walled double or triple to overcome any situation in the race.

Park BMX: Park BMX is the one you can modify according to your wish, these are for skateparks; wood or concrete

Freestyle BMX Bikes: With a length of long tube of 20 to 22 inches, 20 inches wheels. Best for perfect stunts with all safety.

Street BMX: The Bike you can ride on handrails, curved walls, handrails, and many more

Things To Consider While Buying The Best BMX Bike

Are you in search of Really Cheap BMX Bike? Then there are a few things you need to consider while buying:

Jump: No stunt can be complete without a jump, so look for the jump bike that is freestyle as well as traditional. These bikes are not much heavy though they have a robust frame. If your little one loves sports, then these bikes are the best.

Mini: Minibikes are bikes that are entertaining and enjoyable as you can do any trick with small size. You can ride them in traffic and public places as well. If you want a bike for racing, then you should not go on mini bikes.

Tires: Most of the time, BMX bikes are convenient on any roads, but the size of tires dependent on the reason you are going to use it. If you want a motorcycle for usual rides, then smoother tires are for you.

Freestyle: If you are looking for a bike for stunts, skate parks, then freestyle bikes are best.  These bikes are durable and stunning for street riding.

Bearings: Always look for sealed bearings regardless of what size your wheels are. These bearings give you durable and smooth rides, so always check whether the bearings are sealed or unsealed

The material of Frame: Look of what content the frame of the Bike is of, most of the time, frames are of cheap steel for day to day use. But frames of Chromoly are durable and robust so look for the bikes with Chromoly frames.

We also Advice you to try Adult bike training wheels if you are new to BMX Bikes. These Wheels help you in Balancing and you won’t get hurt.

Look for all the above features before buying Low Price BMX Bikes

Best Cheap BMX Bikes Buying Guide

Here is the complete buying guide to help you get the Best Cheap BMX Bikes with all essential features:

Style of Ride: There are a lot of differences in BMX bikes in terms of material of the frame. Wheels, breaks, and many more though they all look similar. So make it clear for what activity you need a BMX  like for dirty jumps or racing

Weight: Heavy bikes have better durability and strength; if you are a beginner, then heavyweight motorcycles are best for you.

Size: Look at the size of Bike for the comfortable ride of your child or you

Assembly: Few bikes may be ready to ride, but most of them need to be assembled. So check on it as it’s not too easy to join them on your own

Features To Add: Check what type of brakes does the Bike have and what needs to add. Few have steel tubes that are required in Jumping or racing. So give a brief check on the features.

Well, we know it’s not that easy to get the Best Beginner BMX Bike. Do not worry, and we have done all the dirty work for you. Here is the list of Best Cheap BMX Bikes, with all the necessary features that too in budget. Check out all and get the one you love

Our Top Picks

  • Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike
  • Cast aluminum mag wheels with sealed bearings
  • 360 degree handlebar spins
  • Premium Mongoose Hi-Ten Steel frame and fork
  • Schwinn Koen BMX Bike
  • Full coverage chain guard
  • Rear coaster break and front caliper brake
  • Adjustable saddle and a slack seat
  • Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX
  • Mongoose full 4130 Chromoly frame
  • Removable brake mounts & mid BB shell
  • Best BMX Bikes Brand

Kent Pro 20 Boy's Freestyle Bike

Kent brings you one of the best Bike for boys; ten-year-old and above. This is a freestyle bike to take charge of rough roads and perform stunts. You can drive anywhere and do any trick with this Bike as it has a steel frame and fork, which makes it durable and sturdy.

This Bike has front as well as rear handbrakes to give you the full control of the wheels; you do not need to worry about the power. Alloy seat clamps are robust, and freestyle rotor makes it all-rounder bike. It has 20” wide wheels with pegs.



Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Mongoose brings you one of the best Bike for beginners. Anyone, from experienced to the fresher rider, can ride it without any second thoughts. It has truly astonishing features like Steel frames that are light in weight and make it more durable and easy to carry while doing stunts or tricks.

The wheels are sturdy, smooth on any ordinary to hilly terrains with 16 to 20 inches width. You do not need to worry even if your son is a beginner. This Bike is specially designed for boys between 8 to 12 years old.



RoyalBaby Freestyle BMX Bike

RoyalBaby experts in kids Bike brings you a freestyle BMX Bike for both girls and boys between 3 to 8 years old. This is a unisex bike so that your son and daughter both can get a bike; you don’t need to buy another.

This Bike ensures a safe ride with child favorable brake levels, easy to fit in small hands of your kids. For a convenient and smooth ride, it has reasonably wide wheels; 12”, 14” or 16″. You do not need to worry about the control as this Bike have front and rear brakes to control the speed at any moment.



Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

Schwinn is one of the most trusted brands that has given market the best bikes with new and unique features without failing. Here it brings a motorcycle, especially for your champ with toddler-friendly design. This Bike has a lighter frame that makes it easy to carry. The small grip is perfect for the cute little hand with a combination of narrow padel position.

Best for learning of kids between 2 to 4 years with child-friendly pedals. Adjustable seat height even to use when your child is growing up with comfortable seating. This Bike comes with three widths of wheels according to the age of your child. 12″ wheel for 2 to 4 years old, 18″ for 5 to 7 years old, 20″ for 6 years and above



Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Mongoose brings another freestyle Bike for anyone from beginner to experienced rider. Sleek and kid-friendly design with a lightweight and sturdy steel frames that makes Bike easy to carry. 16 to 20 inches of wide wheels are reliable on any roads; you can completely trust this Bike for your cute ones



Elite BMX Destro Model Freestyle Freestyle Bicycle

Elite presents you the Bike for the street, park, or dirty stunts or rides. The frame of the Bike is of Hi-tensile steel that is durable and light in weight. Pedals are of the high-density pocket platform. Tires are of 20X2.4″, making the ride safe and secure. With Tektro Alloy U-Brake and Tetro Alloy Brake lever to give you the complete control of the Bike. This Bike is available in 18,” and 20″ wheels get one you are convenient with.



Mongoose Legion L10 Freestyle BMX Bike

Mongoose has been serving its consumers with the best quality products for 40 years without any disappointment. Here is the Bike for beginner to advanced riders with a durable Hi-ten steel frame. It has removable brake mounts and 20 inch top tube length for any rider with a height between 4’4″ to 5′.

It has America loose ball bottom bracket, aluminum or resin brake, and a U brake of steel gives you fantastic control over your Bike. This Bike ensures you maximum steering performance with a sealed integrated headset.



Elite 20" and 16" Freestyle BMX Bike

If you are looking for an entry-level BMX bike, then here it is. Elite Freestyle BMX bike with Hi-tensile 20″ top tube and Hi-tensile frame. It has Hi-tensile steel bars with 8.75″ rise. 170mm Cranks Chromoly and Unsealed American bottom bracket of 19mm.

Pedals are of threads plastic platform. Tires come with 20″ and 16″ you can select any; all the other features remain the same. Alloy stealth brake lever and Alloy cease U brake to give excellent control over the Bike.




Though there is a list of Low price BMX Bike, it’s always essential to get the real value of your money. If you are looking for the Best Cheap BMX Bike for your kid, then all the above given are genuinely worth your money. Everyone loves to ride such a sporty bike with amazing features. Give a brief check at each and buy the one that you love and trust! So why wait to gift your loved one with any of the above Bike and surprise them! 

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