9 Best Big and Tall Recliners Chair with 500lb Capacity – Review & Comparison

Big And Tall Recliner

Are you looking for a piece of furniture that looks trendy and gives a lot of comfort? Yes, the answer will always be a Recliner. Recliners can be the best cozy furniture in your house that offers you comforts and relaxation after a hectic day.

If you are planning to buy the Best Big and Tall Recliner, then you are on the right path, recliners are genuinely comfortable and cozy. Though most people can sit comfortably in the recliners, few healthy and tall people face a problem or may feel uncomfortable because of their height and health.

Recliner brands manufacture design recliners with different features and weight capacities for Tall and big people. Even if your height is more than 6 feet and weight is above 200lbs, you will get the Heavy-Duty Recliner with high weight capacity specially designed for a big and tall man. You can get a Big Man Recliner with 500 lbs weight-bearing capacity, no matter how fat a person is, they can comfortably fit into it.

Types of Recliners

Reclining leather chair

Recliners are everyone’s favorite Furniture Product to relax and reduce all the stress. There can be nothing better than a Recliner with soft arms and backrest, on which you can sit and read a book or finish a cup of Coffee!

Here are the types of recliners you should know before making the final choice of which model to buy:

Rocker Recliners: Rocker Recliners have reclining angles, you can adjust the Footrest. You can place these recliners in a small place or before the wall as well. It’s a combo of Rocking chair and Recliner

Two-Position Recliners: Two-position recliners are the cheapest recliners with two positions: fully reclined or upright. You can move the backrest more back by moving the Footrest up. This type of Recliner won’t fit in a small space.

Riser: The most expensive type of recliners are riser recliners. They recline or lift you with the help of motors. They cannot fit into small places. They operate on either single or double motor.

Push-Back: This type of Recliner takes less space than any of the other recliners as the only moving part of this type of Recliner is the backrest. Push back recliners don’t have built-in Footrest. They come in a variety of designs and weight capacities.

Things To Consider While Choosing A Recliner

Everyday recliners with new designs, features, and styles are available in the market. Buying a recliner can be the most exciting experience. You need to be very concerned about the offerings and price of recliners as you are making a one-time investment, and you will be using it daily for years.

It also depends upon the place you are buying for, like living area, bedroom, or a balcony. The Recliner must meet all your expectations and requirements.

Though the Recliner is the essential thing one should have at home, there are few crucial factors one should notice while buying the Recliner, as follows:

Coziness and Life Span: The life span of the thing depends upon the material it’s composite of, the brand, and its trustworthiness. Comfort relies on the quality of material and size used to make cushions and other accessories of the Recliner. Other things like fabric, leather has a massive impact on the comfort you get after sitting in it.

Size: There are a variety of sizes available in recliners from small to bigger enough to fit two people at a time. So please choose the one that fits precisely at the place you want it to. So always pay keen attention to the measurements while you buy the one.

Budget: Set a price range and check which Recliner fits into your budget, which gives you all the expected features. You can get the Recliner Chair Under $ 200 with all the best features and comfort.

Well, this all may sound you very confusing, as scrolling through all the recliners and checking the each is not that easy, and time-consuming. If you are looking for the best Big Man Recliner, then do not worry, we have done all the dirty work for you. Here are the Big And Tall Recliners with all the astonishing features. Let’s Check out the true meaning of Coziness!

Our Top Pick

  • Esright Massage Recliner Chair
  • Function: Vibrating, reclining, heating, 360° swivel, rocking features
  • 140° manual control recline
  • Back cushion and armrest
  • Domesis Power Lift Chair Recliner
  • Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Made of high-density foam
  • Laminated hardwood and steel frame
  • Signature Power Lift Oversized Recliner
  • Material: Metal
  • Great Strenth
  • Corner blocked frames

Signature Design By Ashley Yandel Power Lift Oversized Recliner

Signature Design By Ashley brings you a Recliner with striking looks, addictive seats crafted with excellent material. Additional features like Plush Fabric that is chenille, velvet, and others in a variety of colors, designs, textures, and styles. The recliners come with 100% original leather and give your room an aesthetic look. It has a 300lb weight-bearing capacity.

Contemporary Power Lift Recliner with the dual-motor so that you enjoy the chair in just one touch of the power button. Metal reinforced seats, Thick cushions, original leather upholstery, and high back makes you love it! Measures 40 inches Deep, 35 Inches Wide, 42.5 inches Height, 69 inches full length, and 20 inches seat height. In case the Fabric will came out, You can stick it with Hot Glue Guns in many cases.



Lane Home Furnishing Rocker Recliner Chair

Lane is here with stunning looking Recliner with C3 Pocket Coil Seating to make sure you get coziness with durability. Comfort cradle seating gives you a contoured room for a more relaxing experience.

The power Recline and lift gives you easy mobility and quick reclining. A person weighing up to 500pounds can comfortably sit on the chair. It supports neck, legs, back to reduce stress. You get unlimited reclining positions with the Easy Glide Mechanism. You can increase the height of the seat back and chair for a taller person. Rich and pure leather add starts to your room. They are made in the USA with tenon and mortise joints and hardwood frames.



Relaxzen Massage Rocker Recliner

Relaxzen is one of the known brands for providing wellness and relaxation products. If you are looking for a multi-purpose Big Recliner, then this is the one. You can rock, massage and recline choice is are yours. It has USB charging ports, well, what else do we need! Even if you are not taking a massage, its soft and smooth foam will relax you.

When you sit for massage, you get treatment from 8 powerful massage motors with easy reach hand remote. You can take a massage on legs, back or thighs together or separately. Enjoy five intensity levels with nine massage modes.

You can turn on/off the mild lumbar heat. Upholstery is easy to clean and very smooth. It supports 300 pounds of weight, 36 inches wide by 38.5 deep by 39.5 inches high.



Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Esright Recliner with features like eight vibrating massage modes for thighs, legs, back, lumbar. With two vibration intensity, five massaging modes, additional heat function for lumbar, and a remote to control massage and heat features. It’s a complete relaxation package.

Beautiful and pure brown leather upholstery looks stunning. It has a 300lbs weight-bearing capacity. You can keep it recline by pushing with your back. Its not power control. High-quality sponge padded headrest and 2 cup holders with durable frames make it a must-buy product. Friendly design and elegant look to add in your room.



Domesis Renu Leather Chair Recliner

Domesis brings you a recliner with extremely stylish looks, and great quality will look jaw-dropping in any room. Easy to assemble and durable chair. Leather is pure and durable. This chair measures 33” L X 30” W X 28.75”.

This Recliner supports up 300lbs of weight. 2 Button power recliner control gives you quick access to the chair. The cushion is padded with high-density soft foam



Rhomtree Powerlift Chair

If you are looking for Recliner for the elderly, this is for you. PU Leather – upholstery gives it decent looks. Soft padded arms, seats, and backrest. Best for people who feel difficulty in getting up. Pure and smooth leather is accessible to clean and durable. There is a storage package for remote and magazine.

Plenty of comfort with lift mechanism. You can recline the backrest to 160 degrees. You can operate the back, Footrest, and lift with the remote. It is easy to assemble. Can bear 330lbs of weight. It measures 32.3”(w) X 36.2”(D) X 39.8” (H)



Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior Chair

This unique chair with features like Heavy-duty construction, Tall wide, and deep design. Five hundred pounds of weight-bearing capacity. This is one of the best recliners for elders. Chair rise and declines just in one touch of a button. The electric motor gives a smooth transition with three position lift chairs; closed, full recline, and partial recline. You can recline to any position with a power recline.



Golden technologies Recliner

Golden technologies present you made in USA Recliner with Smooth and quick, Quiet Lift and Recline. Here you can control the chair by 2 buttons. The leather is pure and looks trendy. The design of the chair is unique and stunning with Split Chaise Pad. Available in different colors. The weight-bearing capacity of this chair is 500lbs. The over all height of the chair is 42” while the width is 38.5.”



Benefits Of Using Big Recliner Chair

Recliner chairs are incredibly comfortable, and other features add more worth to it. Regular sofas are not for people with more height and weight. Other than comfort and looks here are few more benefits of big Recliner chairs:

– Improves Metabolism: Sitting for a long on ordinary chairs can cause back problems but not with recliners. Recliners keep your legs up to stimulate proper circulation to prevent any swallowing.

– Relaxing experience: Imagine reading a book while taking a stress-reducing massage in your balcony! Yes, these chairs are very cozy and enjoyable. You do not need to get up and keep on changing your positions recliners are huge to pour you all in it.

– Reduces Stress: After a hectic day all you need is relaxing massage or just lying down in a recliner can be enough

– Cozzy: They are very cozy, you won’t miss your bed while being on Recliner, with soft and smooth padded cushions and rests. Its the best place for napping

– It is for everyone, even a pregnant lady, to older people anyone can enjoy it!


Recliners not only gives you complete relaxation and comfort, but it also adds flavors to your rooms. Recliners are the best furniture to buy, with all the greedy features we human being loves! We spend lots of our time sitting on chairs or sofas so why not buy something that helps to improve our health? If you are buying Big And Tall Recliner, then go ahead and take care of your body and pamper yourself!

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