7 Best 110v Apartment Size Electric Clothes Dryer Reviews & Comparison

Best 110 Volt Clothes Dryer

Are you looking for the 110 Volt Clothes Dryer? Then you are fortunately at the right place. Dryers are our basic needs; hanging clothes takes a lot of time and needs sunlight. But in monsoon, it’s impossible to dry clothes daily as its raining continuously, and we experience short of clothes or smell from the clothes even after washing.

And if you live in a place where the climate is always cold, then you need a Compact Cloth Dryer, that fits in any place. The Compact Electric Dryers are one of the types of laundry product that dries your clothes in no time. The Apartment Size Dryer works on the Spinning mechanism and fits even in small space just like a washing machine.

Imagine you want to go to some important meeting or party, and you wish to wear your favorite dress, but you can’t because it needs to be a wash. In such situations, 110 Volt Dryers can be a blessing for you. Here is all that you need to know about 110 Volt Electric Clothes Dryer:

Types Of Dryers

Here are all kinds of dryers you should know before buying the one:

Best 110v Dryer

Heat Pump Dryers: In Heated pump dryers, warm air blown through the wet clothes, then water is drained off, and again, hot air blown on clothes. A built-in heat pump does all the heating and cooling.

Vented Dryers: This dryers hot air blown through the wet clothes are then out of the Dryer through the duct; most of the times outdoors

WasherDryers: In this type of Dryer, you wash as well as dry your clothes. There is a heat exchanger that uses water for washing and hot air for drying. This types of dryers take more time

Condensing Dryers: Condenser dryers have a heat exchanger that removes all the moisture from the air that passed from your wet clothes. The water drained, and some moisture threw out in the room where the Dryer placed.

How Did We pick Best 110v Dryer?

Choosing a perfect 110V Apartment Size Dryer for you is not easy, but we have done it easy for you. Here is how we selected very few best 110-Volt Clothes Dryer:

Best 110v Dryer

Lifespan: The durability of any product depends on which material it’s composed of. It may be plastic or stainless steel; it should be durable and good quality material. All the inner parts, like a button or dryers, should be durable and made of excellent content. Look for the one with good material durability that to in your budget.

Portability: If you are looking for an Apartment Size Dryer, then you should keep in mind the space your utility area or room has and where the Dryer will dump all the moisture. If your room is big, you won’t face many problems while fitting, but make sure you know the dimensions of the Dryer you are about to buy.

Capacity: Check how much load-bearing ability does that Dryer has. Analyze how much clothes you need to dry basically and then check the size that dryers can bear. If you have a big family or many kids then going with huge load-bearing capacity is better

Speed: Speed is measured in Rotation Per Minute or RPM. Most dryers have 1,800 RPM, while some have 3,200 RPM. So if you are selecting a dryer for many clothes, then go with the one with high RPM. They will cost you more electricity, but they are quick

Water Draining: If you don’t have a system to drain water outside, then try to get the machine that can help you store the water in some bucket or another thing. Always look for easy to remove dryers

Warranty: Always check for warranty and brand you are buying from. While purchasing any electronic appliances, make sure to buy the one with at least 1 to 3 years of warranty. Check all the return policies before buying one

Setting: Any dryer should be easy to use and straight forward. Though its good to have lots of features having lots of buttons or other functions may confuse the user. The Dryer should be easy to set by anyone

How To Make Your Dryer Last For Long?

Maintaining any appliances is very necessary to get benefited by them without any problem. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your Dryer and make it last long:

  • Please do not put a lot of clothes in the Dryer at a time beyond its capacity
  • Clean the lint screen with detergent and the dryer lint brush after every three months and dry the left sheets
  • Remove and clean the vent at least every two years
  • If possible try to replace the plastic or the vinyl vents with metal to enhance durability

Well, if you are looking forward to buying 110 Volt Electric Clothes Dryer, then here we are with a list of very few Best Compact Clothes Dryer to put your search at rest.

You should go for a Compact Clothes Dryer if you lack in space, no one will like that a dryer is taking a lot of space in the area and making it difficult for standard circulations. Go through the list and make your work easy!

Our Top Pick

  • Panda Compact Laundry Dryer
  • Lightweight: 48lbs
  • Max Spin Speed: 45 RPM
  • Material Type: Stainless-Steel
  • hOmeLabs Compact Laundry Dryer
  • Drying Power: 1400 watts
  • Automatic Shutoff Feature
  • 3 easy to navigate responsive mechanical controls
  • Splendide White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer
  • Max Spin: 1200 RPM & Cycle: 10 wash/3 dry
  • Wash Capacity: 15 lbs, Dry Capacity: 11 lbs
  • Super-silent technology

Magic Chef Compact Electric Dryer

Magic Chef presents you with a 1.5 cu ft. Electric Dryer if you are in search of your small laundry unit and lack space. This is a space-saving and perfect as Apartment Size 110 V Dryer, best for dorms and RVs as well. It protects your fabric with Two Heat Level Plus Air Dry.

Along with the small size and straight forward access, it has four timer settings. It ensures durability with a stainless steel tub. To avoid wrinkling of clothes, it has Anti Wrinkle Selection



Panda Portable Compact Cloth Dryer

Panda brings you a cute compact dryer with 8.8lbs capacity and 2.65 cu.ft to dry your clothes. 110 Voltage outlet has a stainless steel tub and four dryer temperature selections for your convenience. You can mount it on Wall with Wall mounting brackets. It has a removable lint filter along with Dryer. Lightweight to move to other places. Best for small apartments, dorms, or condos.



hOmeLabs Compact Laundry Dryer

Here is small but with all astonishing features dryer. You can set the Dryer easily. This Dryer is specially designed for small apartments and dorms with 23.28 X 17.91 X 27.16 inches in dimensions with 1400 Watts drying power it can easily handle nine pounds of laundry. It is suitable for most fabric types. It has electric Front Load clothes Dryer with 2.6 cubic feet capacity with high-quality stainless steel.

It has three mechanical controls. It has an auto shut off to save energy and advance lint filters to make it is easy to clean. Quite drying allows you to sleep peacefully even when your clothes are drying. It has 120v and 60Hz electric mechanisms, making it fastest than any other compact dryer



Panda Compact Laundry Dryer

Here is a panda with another dryer with 3.75 cu.ft and 13.2lbs capacity. It has an incredibly classy design and features like 110 voltage with 1500W input and Stainless steel drying program. It is light in weight with 48lbs to move around. You can select from High and low heat selector wit has an automatic shut off to save energy.



Splendide Combo Dryer and Washer

Splendide brings you a multi-purpose dryer to wash and dry your clothes. It has an AC motor to ensure high capacity and compact Design to save space. Choose a washing cycle, set a drying time, and you are all done. It has extra-wide doors to make loading clothes easier for you. It displays everything; it adjusts water levels on its own.

The bi-directional drum ensures less wrinkling of clothes. It works with 1200 RPM with a self-cleaning filter to remove all the dirt from lint on its own. It has 15 pounds of washing capacity and three dry option and three dry cycles. It is designed with high-quality springs, durable stainless steel drum, and shock resistance. It has additional features like Low spin, water temperature, and low heat.



Panda PAN865W 2.65 cu.ft Compact Dryer

Panda brings a launder drier with striking looks and small size with features like 2.65cu.ft drying capacity, 1400W/800W input with 110 v power. It has an intelligent humidity sensor and a touch screen control panel to make the use easy and quick. The sturdy stainless steel drums ensure durability. It has multi installation modes like side by side or mounting on Wall or stacking.



Costway Electric Tumble Dryer

Costway brings you a unique dryer with 10lbs clothes bearing capacity with four drying modes like hot, warm, cooling, and air dry. It is compact in size with high quality 1.5 cu.ft capacity.

It has a robust stainless steel tub, and hot anti-wrinkle function reduces wrinkles on the clothes. You can place it on the ground or mount it on Wall.




Dryers are one of the essential appliances we need in our day to day life. But it’s crucial to have the one with all the necessary features that too in our budget. Compact Electric Dryers are best as they do not take a lot of space and works great with the average daily load.

All the above are the best Apartment Size Dryers, so check all and buy the one with features that you are looking for. So, don’t wait to get the best Electric Dryer and make your work easy and fun!

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